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Vessel Conversion and Repair

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Nippon Paint’s

Ever Cool Coating

What industry needs is a darker coating that fails to absorb the heat: a coating like Nippon Paint Ma- rine’s Ever Cool. Introduced follow- ing extensive shipboard trials, Ever

Thordon’s Emergency In? atable

Cool is formulated to reduce the

Seal Prevents Sinking

SCI: U.S. Agent for effect of the Sun’s infrared rays. Re-

Activation of Thordon Bearings’ enginei EFMS Technology quiring no special application tools revolutionary in? atable emergency

Growing maritime sector use of or processes, Nippon Paint Marine seal recently prevented a 70-ft work- electronic fuel management systems uses advanced formulated re? ective boat from sinking. The crew of the (EFMS) has prompted diesel power pigments to prevent surface tem- 2002-built twin-screw workboat ac- engineering specialist Royston to perature increases and lower heat tivated Thordon Bearing’s TG100’s appoint a new US-based distributor transfer through steel plates. secondary seal during operations in for its advanced enginei technology. the lower Mississippi River, when

Standard Calibrations Inc. (SCI), the vessel suffered catastrophic tail- a specialist measurement science shaft failure in shallow waters north company with extensive marine in- of New Orleans, U.S.A. The inci- dustry involvement, will now pro- dent resulted in one of the tailshafts vide sales, installation and techni- being pulled clear of the gearbox and cal service support for the enginei almost completely out of the boat.

EFMS across the USA.

Klüber Gear Oils Improve

Gearbox Performance

Klüber Lubrication’s new MRO gear oils are designed to optimize gearbox performance across many industries, and Klüber’s American- made MRO gear oils include both mineral-based and synthetic PAO-

Orolia, Radio Holland based lubricants that bene? t a wide

Collaborate on Inland

PYI’s All 316 Stainless

VDR Solution range of applications. Intended for

Marine Grade Hose Clamp

Orolia’s new partnership with Ra- use in equipment with general in-

PYI’s 316L stainless steel, non-per- dio Holland involves a Voyage Data dustrial spur, bevel, hypoid and forated worm gear hose clamps are

Recorder (VDR) speci? cally de- planetary gears subject to both nor- manufactured from 316L stainless signed for inland shipping. This so- mal and heavy loads, these oils pro- steel; featuring a smooth inside sur- lution enhances safe navigation and tect equipment and prevent wear. face, raised edge on the embossed provides tools for understanding heavy-duty band and a durable one- the cause of incidents. Radio Hol- piece double locked screw cage. De- land will also be installing Orolia’s signed to be gentle to most hose types

Netwave VDR NW6000 series as and provide a long-lasting and stable its preferred global VDR solution. clamping force for moderate pressure

Orolia will utilize Radio Holland’s applications in marine environments, global network as one of its globally they come in a full range of sizes. preferred service partners. 59 MN

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