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Autonomous Workboats

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and by time of this article should have the dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks. In is not yet validated for complex traf? c received ABS and U.S. Coast Guard our market, we qualify long duration situations so we are selling to coastal acceptance for installation on speci? c tasks requiring continuous attention and open water operators that are fo- classed U.S.-? ag vessels. The SM300 but little dynamic change as DULL cused on tasks such as survey, oil spill is our ? agship autonomous control and in the marine domain many op- response, aquaculture, security or in- system which enables man-in-the loop erations fall into that category, but land operations that are working in a autonomous control of workboats. narrowing it further our current tech controlled or semi-controlled domain

The system is being deployed on com- mercial and security related operations where autonomy empowers the vessels to operate safer, longer, with greater pre- cision, predictability, and productivity.

This can be bathymetric survey or data collection, dredging, oil spill response, ? re ? ghting, long duration surveillance or escort operations. The SM300 can work alongside an on board crew or enable the vessel to operate unmanned within a monitored domain.

Have you sold any systems into the marine markets, as yet? If so, where and for who? Is that system on the water in service yet?

Yes, we have sold Sea Machines sys- tems in multiple markets both domes- tically and internationally. Due to the nature of commercial vessels and their operational vs. re? t schedules, we are seeing 4 to 8 months between order and actual deployment the units. By the end of this year, there should be more than 25 units purchased and 10 units deployed and in use globally. We will announce those that we can; to date we’ve told the world about an SM300 purchased by Hike Metal in Canada for the SAR market as well as an SM300 purchased by MARAD and installed on an MSRC Kvichak oil skimmer boat.

The autonomous market for the maritime industry targets ‘dull, dirty and dangerous tasks.’ Tell us what your market focus will be for the near term. Blue water or brown? Commercial or military?

Mission descriptions?

Indeed, advanced robotics in almost all markets is quick to ? nd value in 15MN

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