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Autonomous Workboats

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Autonomous Shipping –

Cyber Hazards Ahead

If autonomous vessels are the future of maritime shipping, then cyber threats may be its Achilles heel.

By Jeffery Mayger

Congested shipping, restricted vis- be its Achilles heel. ibility, limited maneuverability, and in- Rolls-Royce has demonstrated an automated tug. Systems tensive docking activities all contribute provider Wärtsilä is testing automatic port arrival solutions. to port hazards – 42 percent of EU re- Cybersecurity is integral to both designs. Chris South, senior ported marine accidents (injury/death/ underwriter for insurance provider West of England P&I, damage to ships) took place in port ar- states that four factors are driving maritime cybersecurity: eas and 44 percent of workboat fatalities • Automation – machinery is increasingly occurred on Tugs. Autonomous ship- controlled by software; ping should provide numerous bene

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