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Innovative Products & Boats – 2019

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GREAT WORKBOATS sustainable farm-to-market systems that is in operation to-

HYBRID ELECTRIC: day – all-important issues when trading in the gentri? ed ar-

DERECKTOR LAUNCHES THIRD eas the vessel will trade. Harbor Harvest is working towards

HYBRID CATAMARAN expending the ? eet with a second vessel with the intent to

The EV Captain Ben Moore a 19.2 meter Incat Crowther serve New York City, Hunts Point and the Mid Hudson designed catamaran was delivered from Derecktor Shipyard in Mamaroneck, New York on September 3rd, 2019 and Valley along the Hudson River.

announced as the ? rst U.S. built Hybrid cargo vessel. She

OFFSHORE ENERGY / WIND: is capable of lifting 20,000 pounds of cargo along with ? fty

SEACOR OFFSHORE SUPPORT passengers and was built to support regional farms and ar- tisan manufacturers along the Long Island Sound between


Connecticut and New York. As a commitment to envi- Incat Crowther this year announced the delivery of the ronmental sustainability along the Connecticut coastline, Libby L. McCall, the third vessel in a series of new class owners Harbor Harvest worked with the Connecticut Port monohull Fast Support Vessels (FSV) for Seacor Marine.

Authority and the State of Connecticut to develop new This vessel advances the traditional offshore support vessel maritime-based trade routes to assist in congestion mitiga- model and offers a cost ef? cient, comfortable, ? exible, and tion along several New York and Connecticut highways. safe alternative to helicopter transportation. The vessel’s pas-

The effort works towards establishing new regional trans- senger lounge features spacious reclining seating in privacy portation systems for local New England and New York pods along with full internet connectivity, a well-equipped family farms along with supporting local manufacturing snack bar area and feature LED lighting. The vessel features in the area while reducing emissions. BAE Systems sup- redundancy to mitigate against down time or loss of func- plied its patented HybriGen power and propulsion system tionality due to mechanical complications. The propulsion for Harbor Harvest. The company is a pioneer in electric machinery drives Hamilton HT-810 waterjets through a propulsion with over 20 years of experience and is now cardan shafting system from Driveline Service of Portland. bringing that proven technology to the water. The Hybri- Electrical power is derived from three (3) Cummins QSM

Gen system uses proven controls and components that pass 11 generator sets, each producing 290ekW and offshore certi? cation requirements by the U.S. Coast Guard. It not station-keeping and dockside maneuverability is enabled only powers The Captain Ben Moore, but also helps it to by three (3) Thrustmaster 30TT200 bow thrusters each save fuel, lower noise, and decrease vessel maintenance. As outputting 200 hp. Station keeping is enhanced through a an electric-hybrid system, it also reduces carbon emissions Kongsberg DP-21 system providing Class 2 capability. The to help Harbor Harvest be one of the most environmentally vessel is certi? ed by the USCG under Subchapters T, L and

Credit: RAL/MTU from RAL & MTU


Credit: Incat Crowther MN 41

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