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Telescopic Rescue Poles

Seeing the need for a swift and accu- rate recovery method should a person fall into the water, the team at Sham- rock Quay in Southampton – part

Norton Rapid Prep XHD of MDL Marinas Group – acquired

KINETIX Coarse and Medium Discs a Reach and Rescue telescopic rescue

CDG Coast Dynamics Group in- Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers new pole and body hook combination. troduced KINETIX, a vessel and Norton Rapid Prep XHD Coarse

The lightweight tool enables an indi- crew monitoring program for high- and Medium Discs to solve us- vidual to conduct a quick, directional- speed craft consisting of sensors that ers’ most aggressive stock removal ly accurate rescue by retrieving a casu- integrate with the vessel’s shock- and blending challenges. The extra alty from water without needing to get mitigation seating, while specialized heavy-duty non-woven discs remove into the water themselves. The device software records data in a compact, weld lines, weld splatter, weld discol- was called into action almost imme- marinized housing. A team of shock oration and blend surfaces in a single diately. Three lives have been saved at and vibration scientists then work step. Twelve sizes are offered in three

Shamrock Quay since the pole’s instal- directly with agencies to provide pe- non-woven types: quick change discs lation, leading MDL Marinas Group riodic reports based on the recorded from 2” to 4” TR attachment, hook

Ltd. to equip every marina manager at data. Operators receive real-time crew and loop discs in both 7/8” hole and each of its 20 marinas across the UK shock exposure and incident alerts no hole from 4-1/2” to 7” diameter, and Europe with the system.

while underway, and ? eet managers and speed change discs from 4-1/2” receive assessments detailing vessel x 5/8”-11 Fastener to 7” x 7/8” Fas- impact history, crew exposure levels tener. Both coarse and medium discs and suspension seat performance. are stock items.

Engine Pumps

Fieldbus Couplers

WAGO’s 750-363 EtherNet/IP JMP Corporation has debuted three new replacement engine cooling

Fieldbus Coupler is the latest Ether- pumps for Caterpillar engines, manu- net/IP Adapter coupler to join their factured to ISO-9001 standards, for

I/O System. Its fast boot up time 100% drop-in compatibility. Engi- enables systems to get online quicker neered for improved, self-priming and ? rmware updates can be ac- ? ow, their bodies are cast bronze with cessed using the Couplers’ onboard


Web-based management system. corrosion-resistant ? ttings, O-rings at

Australian Pump’s new Extreme se- the end covers instead of gaskets and

This new coupler can be paired with ries of 7,300 psi hydro-blasters are marine-grade, non-magnetic shafts.

WAGO’s 500+ I/O modules to meet powered by Yanmar’s TNV series

The pumps feature JMP’s ? exible im- the needs of any I/O application. The with an integrated control panel that pellers. Tested and approved by the 750-363 supports a wide variety of provides full engine protection in-

US Navy, they’re made from a propri- protocols such as HTTP(S), BootP, cluding an hour meter, low oil and etary wax-infused blend that resists

DNS, SNMP, and FTP(S). Other high water temperature. The whole salt, oil, chemicals and extreme heat. features include dual Ethernet ports pump system is driven through with

JMP Marine JPR-CT3530 replaces eliminating the need for switches or a reduction belt drive for ease and

Caterpillar engine cooling pumps hubs, support of up to convenience of adjustment and the 3N1888 and Jabsco 17360-1001; 250 I/O modules and engine runs at 2,400 rpms. A 60-li-

JPR-CT0440 replaces Caterpillar add-on instructions to ter stainless steel break tank with low 4255412, Jabsco 29630-1201 and simplify the integra- water shutdown and 50-liter fuel

Perkins W100006; and JPR-CT3054 tion with Allen Bradley tank is also installed. The unit can replaces Caterpillar 4255411, Jabsco master controllers.

run continuously for up to 8 hours.

29630-1301S and Perkins W100000.

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