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Passenger Vessels

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Insights to demonstrate hybrid technology in the ? eld of short sea one has different routes, different operational characteristics shipping. They’re able to do crossings across Long Island and performance requirements. Along the way, looking at

Sound and bringing refrigerated cargo as well as passengers these applications, we realize that some operators and appli- in a very clean and environmentally friendly way. cations are closer to zero emissions than others. That’s where

The list goes on and on, but I’ll leave you with one more BAE Systems has been able to step in and provide systems application and that’s in the inland towboat market. Well, that are designed to get people to zero, no matter where they they need extra horsepower that may not make sense for a are today. It’s a journey and it’s a path, and we have solutions hybrid or electric propulsion system. We can use a system that can meet each application no matter where they’re at.

to generate power off of the main engines and utilize bat- We found that the best approach is to develop partner- teries that essentially eliminates the need for a generator. ships, not only with naval architects, but with the operators

If you can pull the generator out of the equation for those themselves and with shipyards. We do that right from the boats, it saves fuel and maintenance costs, and really adds start in the initial design phase, all the way through construc- to the bottom line. tion and sea trials and getting the certi? cation from the regu-

So, hybrid is happening. The electric power and pro- latory agency or U.S. Coast Guard. So, if we do that, we can pulsion in America is really buzzing, and it’s going along create lasting legacies in the systems that we are supplying.

cleanly and quietly. Just to walk you through this a bit, we ? rst start by iden- tifying the vessel’s power needs for both the propulsion

As you discussed, your portfolio is wide and power and the hotel loans. Once we have a solid under- diverse. And no two projects are exactly standing of that data, we can essentially map down to the the same. So, can you discuss how the minute how much energy the vessel will consume when it’s

HybriGen system supports the very needs in operation. We use this information to drive the system and requirements of the marine industry? And design, and for BAE Systems, our system is really modular is there any change in your approach of your and it gives us ? exibility in our offering.

system offerings?

We understand that there can be challenges—for both builders and some operators—to adapt hybrid or electric

JH: We certainly realize that our customers need ? exible solu- technology, or even fuel cell technology as it’s newer for tions, and we realize that all craft are different from pilot boats our industry. But it’s not new for BAE Systems; it’s not to patrol boats, eco-tour vessels, to high-speed ferries. Each new technology overall. So, we’re able to leverage our ex-

So, hybrid is happening. The electric power and propulsion in

America is really buzzing, and it’s going along cleanly and quietly.

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