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Multimission Vessels

Amwaal serves a number of roles for the Prince Rupert Port Authority

Prince Rupert Port Authority

Van Rynbach explained that in the past, MARAD had pressed training vessels into service, to assist during emer- gencies, most notably during hurricanes and to provide hu- manitarian aid. (The training vessels are part of MARAD’s

National Defense Reserve ? eet, on a custodial loan to the state maritime academies.)

As planning progressed, van Rynbach said MARAD of? cials kept in mind that training ships were called on for other roles. “It was likely,” van Rynbach noted, “that new vessels would similarly be needed, and decisions were made to design-in expanded capabilities,” to have vessels built to respond to emergency assignments and with the capabilities to perform centrally, not marginally.

The older training vessels are converted merchant ships, hardly built for multiple roles.

As planned, the new NSMV’s multimission capabili- ties, beyond teaching and training, will be extensive. These ships will have roll-on/roll-off and container storage capac- ity for the emergency response missions. Each will have hospital facilities, a helicopter pad, and the ability to ac- commodate up to 1,000 people in port.

Herbert Engineering Corp

Eugene van Rynbach,

MMVs in commerce

Van Rynbach said that among large commercial vessels,

Chairman, Herbert Engineering Corp a multipurpose design is more common in international 34 | MN June 2021

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