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them to perform a majority or perhaps even all missions on practices to develop innovative and functional designs.

battery power alone, demonstrating the exciting potential TSGI’s marine engineering practice focuses on the of leveraging battery technology to realize near complete design of new vessels, but its engineers also work on re- elimination of CO2 and other potentially harmful exhaust powers, vapor control systems, and mechanical and elec- emissions from harbor tug operations. trical upgrades. TSGI also offers marine surveying and

In addition, a new ? eet of innovative diesel/battery elec- construction oversight services. These services can be tric pushboats for Hidrovias do Brasil S.A. have recently in support of new construction projects, modi? cations, begun construction in Belov Engenharia Shipyard, in Salva- regularly scheduled dry dockings or more comprehensive dor, Brazil, to a RAL RApide 2000-E design. The vessels— maintenance periods.

expected to be the world’s ? rst battery electric shallow draft The ? rm specializes in inland workboats, including fer- pushboats—will provide terminal assistance on the Amazon ries, towboats, dredges, drydocks, marine construction

River system, with delivery of the ? rst vessel in 2022. equipment, dump scows and tank barges. After provid- ing a new design for Texas Department of Transporta- tion for a new 495 passenger, 70 car diesel-electric with energy storage ferry, TSGI has been subsequently tasked

The Shearer Group, Inc.

A premier naval architecture ? rm with focus on the in- to provide construction oversight and project management land marine industry, The Shearer Group, Inc. (TSGI) has services for TXDOT for this ferry. TSGI was contracted led the industry with several signi? cant z-drive towboat by National Maintenance & Repair to design the 70-foot designs, diesel electric with energy storage ferry designs, towboat, Dwain Harper, which featured a retractable pi- dredges, dump scows, and innovative projects like lique- lothouse. TSGI was also contracted by Superior Marine to ? ed natural gas (LNG) fueled vessels. TSGI naval archi- design the motor vessel Tri-State, which was delivered to tects are intimately familiar with the current ABS rules and Marathon Petroleum. Other projects include a set of four

U. S. Coast Guard regulations for barges and towboats, caustic soda barges, designs for two drydocks, service life and the company utilizes state of the art computer model- extension projects for three dredges, and feasibility studies ing and design tools in concert with time honored design for conversions of a line haul towboat to LNG as a fuel. 20 | MN October 2021

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