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COMMS, CONTROLS & ELECTRONICS controls according to sea and weather conditions to provide the very best radar presentation. Furuno’s Fast Target Track- ing (FTT) acquires targets and immediately displays a speed

GPLINK and course vector, with the information becoming available in mere seconds. FTT gives navigators more time to assess the situation with accurate, reliable information, and make a decision to take action, avoiding incidents at a very early stage. NXT’s new InstantAccess bar gives the operator im- mediate access to the tools they need to quickly and ef? - ciently perform tasks. With a new, brushless motor and no magnetron to replace, the NXT Solid-State Radars require far less maintenance and over time, saving thousands of dol- lars and hours of downtime over the life of the radar.

GPLINK gplink provides remote monitoring, tracking and diag- nostic solutions that enable owners and operators to remain connected to their ? eets remotely. Engine performance, operator habits and fuel consumption are all tracked, and engine problems can be identi? ed early for planned down- time. Information is electronically logged for seven years, making for easy compliance reporting. gplink provides remote monitoring, tracking and diagnostic solutions for high horsepower systems. gplink utilizes dual band tech- nology with GSM communications, as well as the Iridium satellite system for location tracking, monitoring, and emergency noti? cation systems. gplink uses both of these extensive networks to provide worldwide coverage, and en- sure that connections are not only reliable but affordable too. gplink protects vessels by monitoring engines and on- board critical systems, including engine diagnostic codes,

PHOENIX all while tracking the precise location of the vessel anywhere in the world. gplink is available for commercial vessels and

LIGHTING ? eets, as well as pleasure craft vessels. Passenger vessel ? eets such as Boston Harbor Cruises, Bay State Cruises, NY Wa- terways, HyLine Cruises and Alcatraz Clipper work with gplink for remote monitoring, diagnostics and tracking.

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Founded in 2004, Intellian Technologies is one of the world’s top providers of satellite antennas and terminals, with a mission to empower connectivity for the world. A 58 | MN October 2021

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