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electric technologies, which can offer improved ef? ciency powerful, and less expensive (CALSTART & CARB, 2022). and lower energy costs than traditional ICE vehicles. Progress is already leading to longer operating times, ex- panding the range of vehicles suitable for electri? cation, and

The future of maritime electri? cation: demonstrating that electrifying heavy off-road equipment is the Beachhead Model achievable. The Beachhead strategy has proven successful in

The Beachhead Model, conceptualized by CALSTART addressing the challenges of and eliminating key barriers to and CARB, attempts to provide some of the answers to electrifying off-road equipment, with improvements in in- challenges that remain when it comes to fully electrifying frastructure at locations such as ports and airports expected larger off-road equipment (CARB, 2022). It demonstrates to lead to wider implementation in the future.

that electri? cation of larger equipment and more dif? cult-

Incentives will accelerate move to electri? ed ports to-electrify segments can be achieved and accelerated by using small-equipment electri? cation as a starting point. In the U.S., California is leading the way in the elec-

The electri? cation of large ? eets of compact equipment tri? cation of off-road vehicles, including those used at brings about key bene? ts that make the electri? cation of ports. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2021 Execu- larger equipment more likely, including R&D spending in tive Order N-79-20 sets a deadline of 2035 for all sales of the electri? ed segment, expansion of charging infrastruc- off-road equipment in California to shift entirely to zero- ture, and winning-over of employees or companies. Each emission models. The ground-breaking state legislation is wave of development has a ripple effect on the next and, expected to in? uence electri? cation legislation, incentives, from the diagram above, it can be seen that development and uptake across North America. Related to this, Califor- of off-road electri? cation has already reached Wave 4. nia’s $273 million Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE)

This process of electrifying larger off-road vehicles is ex- Voucher Incentive Project, which covers a range of vehicle pected to continue as batteries become faster, safer, more and equipment types, provides a discount on the sale or

Visualization of Off-Road and On-Road Zero-Emission

Equipment Implementation Progress Using the

Beachhead Model Framework

CALSTART & CARB, 2022 MN 17|

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