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nology can provide the zero-emission near-zero maintenance and has almost solution required. In the U.S., the no breakdowns. This in addition to re-

Department of Energy is allocating $8 duced running costs and dramatically billion for the development of “Hy- lower noise and vibration levels. In fact, drogen Hubs” across the country and repair and maintenance costs of battery- some OEMs already have hydrogen electric equipment is often almost half fuel-cell off-road vehicles in the dem- the price compared to corresponding onstration phase. Anticipated future ICE models (Of? ce of Energy Ef? ciency developments in hydrogen refueling and Renewable Energy, 2021).

infrastructure could overcome some Legislators, relevant agencies, and of the key technological barriers to the maritime sector are all working adoption, although concerns remain together to encourage greater uptake about the cost and current carbon of zero-emission off-road vehicles at footprint of producing hydrogen fuel. ports. High levels of pollution and the health impact on those living near

The path to decarbonization of ports, as well as those ports’ height- maritime off-road vehicles ened carbon-emissions levels, makes

Electri? cation presents a range of ben- the maritime industry a key focus of e? ts beyond signi? cant environmental efforts to decarbonize off-road trans- and health advantages. Because battery- portation. In port cities and states such electric equipment (Raftery, 2018) has as California in particular, legislators around 20 parts in the drivetrain, com- are implementing measures to hasten pared with more than 2,000 parts for the adoption of battery-electric, hy- internal combustion engines, it requires brid, and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

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