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A ? rst-of-its-kind ammonia-powered, zero-emission tugboat will be put to the test by Brooklyn, N.Y-based startup Amogy in late 2023.

By Eric Haun aving already successfully demonstrated its produced with renewable energy results in zero well-to- technology on an aerial drone, tractor and wake greenhouse gas emissions.

semi-truck, the ammonia power solutions “There are different renewable energy options to decar- company revealed in early March that it is bonize many different mobility applications. For example,

H retro? tting a scaled up 1-megawatt (MW) version of its batteries are a solution to electrify consumer vehicles, ammonia-to-power system onto a tug at Feeney Shipyard which is possible because you can always recharge the ve- in Kingston, N.Y. as a test run for its emissions-slashing hicle overnight. However, maritime vessels require very power and propulsion technology in the commercial high energy density when it comes to fuel,” said Seong- maritime sector. hoon Woo, CEO of Amogy. “Therefore, the industry re-

Once installed, Amogy’s onboard solution will feed ally needs a renewable fuel that is highly energy dense in liquid ammonia through its cracking modules integrated its liquid phase.” into a hybrid fuel cell system that will provide zero-carbon Woo founded Amogy in 2020 alongside three fellow power to the vessel’s electric motors. Ammonia, which MIT PhD alumni. To date, the company has raised $209 does not emit CO2 when used as a fuel, has been gaining million in funding, including $139 million announced interest in the maritime industry as stakeholders explore on March 22 through a Series B-1 fundraising led by options to decarbonize vessel operations. Green ammonia SK Innovation with global investors such as Temasek, 26 | MN April 2023

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