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Amogy “Vessels built today will be on the water for another 20 or 25 years at least, so we have to start the decarbonization cycle today to reach our goal by 2050.” – Seonghoon Woo, CEO, Amogy

Amogy is retrofitting its ammonia-to-power system on board a 1957-built tug at Feeney

Shipyard in Kingston, N.Y. and shipper of ammonia around the world, will provide Already a globally-traded commodity backed by exist- green ammonia for the demonstration. YCA is currently ing infrastructure and transportation networks, the global building an ammonia bunkering network in Scandina- market for green ammonia is expected to grow signi? cant- via with the ? rst bunker barge scheduled to enter service ly in the coming years to help meet decarbonization goals in 2024. The project partners are still working out how in many industries, including transportation and shipping.

Amogy’s converted tug will be bunkered, whether from a But often when ammonia is discussed as a marine fuel, barge-based or shoreside solution. questions arise about its handling challenges and poten- 28 | MN April 2023

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