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Software ways it operates above everyone else. Signol nudges on the tains involved in the trial improved their performance, with resultant fuel savings from actions giving captains and en- the most signi? cant gains coming from those toward the gineers the motivation to make the adjustments,” a com- bottom of the historic performance bell curve, Signol said. pany spokesperson told Marine News. “During the trial, Marking another sign of success, Young Brothers plans to

Signol also nudged port managers on departure time en- continue utilizing the program, the company added.

suring that tug barges were leaving on time, reducing the As a nudge technology, Signol’s a human-centered solu- pressure on the captains during the voyage.” tion specializes in workforce communications. The com-

Achieved savings were signi? cant. During the period Si- pany describes its user experience as friendly, positive and gnol was in use, fuel consumption was reduced by 39,000 engaging. “We are able to set personalized, data-driven gallons compared to similar journeys made in the previous goals and communicate proactively and effectively by em- year – a reduction of approximately 5.45%, or equivalent ploying behavioral change methods. Captains can then re- to avoiding the emission of 478 metric tons of CO2. The view and re? ect upon their performance at regular times, results were calculated by analyzing speci? c weather-ad- then act upon their targets without sacri? cing safety,” the justed vessel performance, cargo weight and voyage route spokesperson said. “Signol is continuously optimizing to reach a comparison of fuel consumption for each tug- content and timing to motivate each enrolled individual in voyage combination year-on-year. The vast majority of cap- achieving their carbon saving targets.” MN 37|

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