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HamiltonJet In-Mar Solutions VETUS Maxwell 1 2 3 4 Weathernews jet model to offer a more seamless in- 5

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA 1. In-Mar Solutions: stallation experience. Its new compact Wynn Marine Pantograph inboard footprint design and fully Heavy Duty Window Wipers

Wynn Type C (internal motor) and integrated hydraulics system ensures

Type D (external motor) Straight faster installation in the vessel. HTX47

Line Wipers offer the most advanced new hydrodynamic design delivers 4% design of linear action window more high-speed ef? ciency, a 16% in- wiping systems for marine and other crease in peak bollard pull, and offers specialized applications. Optimum better operation at minimum speed, window coverage can be achieved according to the manufacturer. It also features enhanced corrosion protec- and enhanced by utilizing a twin- tion for more durability and expanded bladed or dual-arm/blade design. impeller rating range for greater com- 5. EMUGE MultiDRILL patibility for a wider range of engines.

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA has in- troduced a full line of 3XD and 5XD 2. VETUS Wind Turbine Hatches solid carbide multipurpose drills suited 4. ANEMOI

Rugged, heavy-duty hatches built to withstand tough conditions of either Weathernews’ new ANEMOI service for a wide range of materials and ap- onshore or offshore wind production provides 1km-mesh wind and wave plications typically found in high mix environments; produced to highest data to assist in planning of offshore – low volume job shop environments. quality design standards and to offer work related to the construction of wind EMUGE MultiDRILL is made of a power generation facilities. The solu- sub-micro grain carbide grade that is ease of installation.

tion is designed to provide wind and harder than conventional grades, and

Innovative designs, low pro? le with an- wave forecasts as well as information on it features advanced TIALN-T63 coat- odized aluminum frames in multiple siz- es and optional con? gurations. Can be meteorological risks, such as lightning ing utilizing nano-layer technology opened from inside or outside. Hatches strikes and typhoons. Ørsted embraced with surface hardness exceeding stan- the use of ANEMOI in March 2022 dard TIALN-based coatings. Featuring can be shut completely watertight or se- at its construction site off the shores of cutting edges with a convex geometry, cured with small air gap for ventilation.

Taiwan as a pilot and has since decided MultiDRILL has higher chip shearing to use ANEMOI to assist its construc- ability and a tightly controlled edge tion, maintenance and other offshore preparation process. In addition, the 3. HTX47 Waterjet

HamiltonJet said its new HTX47 wa- work related to the Greater Changhua drill is self-centering, and a double terjet has improved upon its previous 1 & 2a Offshore wind farms. margin design helps stabilize in the cut. MN 45|

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