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Damen’s new AHTS 200 vessel design is capable of working in 3000m deep water. it markets and provides technical subsea installation (and transportation) support worldwide to COSCO frmly on the radar and global opera-

Shipping Co.’s feet of semisubmersible tions from Europe to the Phillippines, heavylift vessels. expect to see more of the Dutch in the

With the Arctic in their sights, offshore oil and gas sector. standing at 232 vessels (an 8% rise year- Institute Netherlands, with diesel electric on-year). Term feet stands at 195 vessels propulsion and (DP2) azimuth stern (up 8%), while the spot feet added two, drives to minimize slamming, and bal- taking it to 37 vessels (up 6%). ance a relatively high cargo intake with

For the week ending June 14, aver- low fuel consumption. age rates for cargo runs were more than The 80.1m-long vessel has a 6.15m £20,800, above rates seen in 2011 and draught and deadweight of 3300-tonne, 2012. Operators chartered AHTS for with a maximum weight on deck of 400- cargo runs, due to limited PSV availability. tonne. Maximum speed is 13.7 knots.

Utilization rates for large PSVs were 93% The vessel has new anti-roll tanks for June. and increased deck space, 728sq m, a

Damen recently introduced its PSV 10% increase over the previous design. 3300, one of the Damen Offshore Series, It can transport crew and materials, is to the market. The frst of six new PSV ftted with frefghting and oil pollution

World Diamond 3300s on order, was recovery capability, and can carry ISO delivered from Damen Shipyards Galati, containers on deck. It has accommo-

Romania, in June. dation for 16 crew members, plus six

The vessel is now on the spot North passengers.

Sea market, and is operated by Remøy Damen’s other Offshore Series vessels

Management for owner World Wide include an X-bow-style anchor han-

Shipping. A second vessel will also go dler, the Damen AHTS 200, capable of on the spot market. The remaining four, working in 3000m deep water. Others also under construction at the Galati are a construction support vessel, well yard, have been contracted for charter stimulation vessel, fast crew suppliers,

Find us on Stand 4A160 off Brazil. the Damen Offshore Carrier: a 7500

The PSV 3300 has a slim bow, based deadweight tonnage multipurpose vessel on computational fuid dynamics stud- with heavylift, an offshore heavylift ves- n ies and tests at the Maritime Research sel, and an oil spill response vessel. September 2013 | OE 131 000_OE0913_GeoFocus6_Dutch.indd 131 8/20/13 12:23 PM

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