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Numerology of successful attacks on company networks required only the most basic techniques. See Page 44 90% Upwards of fve major Atlantic hurricanes could hit this season. (Source: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

5 Storage tank capacity of the FPSO. Gryphon Alpha 525,000 bbl See Page 116 of Danish oil production comes from the Dan feld. See Page 124 28% The Clair feld, 75 km west of Shetland, was discovered 36 years ago. (Source: BP) 1977

The weight of the SHP jacket installed off 22,000 ton

Myanmar at Shwe feld. See page 114 of new hires in the oil and gas industry are women. (Source: US Bureau of Labor) 46%

Mexico’s proven oil reserves, in bbl, as of 2011. (Source: US Energy Information Agency) 10.2 billion The decrease in Norwegian oil production since its peak 15% in 2004. See page 126

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