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Math and science are a require- ment for flling the pipeline of future engineers. These subjects can be Voices viewed as diffcult and static, bearing little resemblance

Next Generation. Faced with global staffng shortages, OE asked: to the interesting and dynamic careers they encompass. Industry must engage students in unexpected “How can the industry help foster an interest ways – through hands-on explora- in engineering among children?” tion, education, mentoring and in- ternships – to show them the real-life relevance of their subject choices.

Larraine Boorman, Managing

I would suggest we

The industry needs

Director of Skills, OPITO talk about the energy to help children mix and the science understand how you involved, of which oil get from pre-college and gas is a huge part. education to some-

First and fore-

Also, we should support one who is a successful engineer, most, children teachers with volunteers from our orga- and how this can become affordable. need to see the nizations to work with schools on cur- fun and practical-

Yes, you have to take out college riculum-focused initiatives. The SPE has ity associated loans, but the opportunities at the developed and works with engineering. end pay for themselves. The indus- with organizations like,

We, as a profes- try should also help our minority,

Satrosphere Science Center, Aberdeen, sion, need to be female, under-represented groups, or Wiess Energy Hall, Houston, to educate more visible with our work. Promoting and students with disabilities. We’ve and inspire teachers. We also need to work real-world examples of challenges already damaged the feld by al- harder to create opportunities for young that engineering disciplines resolve lowing these students to think they people to enter our industry as engineers, should help with this translation. can’t achieve. That’s one area I’ve technicians or trainees so that children can Additionally, engineering, unlike other been looking at in STEM outreach. see from their peers the potential there is. professions like medicine or law, is 80% of all learning disabilities are not easily personifed.

Colin Black, Vice President,

John Bolton, Director of Marketing, students with dyslexia; dyslexia is Optima Solutions UK, and SPE

Europe board member

Tensar International highly correlated with giftedness.

Children need to see that whatever appears to hold them back, someone has already pushed through and has

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) recognizes the need to engage made it in engineering.

Hispanics early on to foster interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathe-

Barbara Moskal, Director of the matics felds. This is why, through our corporate sponsors, we host Noches de Ciencias

Center for Assessment of Science , (Science Nights) across the nation to introduce students and their parents to STEM

Technology, Engineering and through hands-on activities and educational workshops. We also work with our chap- ters to mentor younger students and offer events such as pre-col-

Mathematics; Director of the lege symposia, introducing students to engineering prior to college.

Trefny Institute for Educational

We encourage the industry to examine successful programs such as

Innovation; Professor of Applied

SHPE’s and continue to support them as much as possible.

Mathematics and Statistics,

Pilar Montoya, CEO

Colorado School of Mines

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

The Society for Petroleum Engineers’ Energy4me global energy education outreach program offers a wealth of unbiased, factual information that helps educate, inspire and motivate students to choose petroleum engineering or related feld as a career. Developed for grades K-12, the program uses the website, teacher workshops and speaker programs to share the message about how important energy is to everyday life and what the industry is doing to improve the quality of life across the globe. We must proactively tell our story by communicating our commit- ment to take complex, challenging issues and fnd safe, responsible solutions.

Sujata Bhatia, Chairperson, Energy Information Committee, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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