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Global Briefs

A environmental effects Alaska states

Global Briefs on future marine facili-

Arctic needs

D ties, to be used for devel-

Alaska’s Lt. Governor Mead opment of the Eastern

Treadwell stated the case

Prinovozemelsky license for the state’s needs at the areas.

Ice-Diminished Arctic


Conference in Washington,


D.C. He emphasized the TGS shots need for safety, security,

Canadian surveys and economic development

TGS announced two 2D in the region, stating that surveys off Newfoundland valuable fsheries need to and Labrador to defne be considered and pro- and delineate the Henley,


Chidley, and Holton tected. Treadwell offered basins. The Labrador Sea a safety checklist to guide

Deep Basin 2D survey will policy.

cover 3000 line-km and

B the Labrador Sea 2D infll CIGI urges survey will cover 7100 increase in Arctic ops


The Center for International line-km. The surveys will depth by using the Leiv Santos basin

Governance Innovation complement and infll the Eiriksson semisubmersible. discovery (CIGI) issued a policy existing 22,167 line-km of Petrobras confrmed good Norvarg was discovered in brief for the “New Arctic,” 2D data acquired in 2011 quality oil (28°API) at Iara 2011, about 275 km north encouraging Canada’s fed- and 2012. Data acquisition area, block BM-S-11, in the of the Hammerfest LNG eral government to devote began in August and initial Santos basin presalt play, plant on Melkøya Island, greater policy attention and data will be available 2Q after drilling and testing and was estimated to resources to Arctic maritime 2014.  well 3-RJS-706 (3-BRSA- contain 10-50billion cu m areas, including: better navi- 1132-RJS). The well is of gas, equivalent to about

E gational aids, investment 226km off Rio de Janeiro 63-315MMboe.

Walter spuds in ramps, breakwaters and state and 6km west of the Two production tests relief well windbreaks; infrastructure; discovery well in 2197m were done in the upper and

Walter Oil & Gas Corp. began

Arctic deepwater ports; water depth. It was the lower parts of the Kobbe drilling on a relief well near safety and security regula- fourth exploratory well on formation, with the well its troubled A-3 natural gas tions; and a rigorous code of the block. fowing at a maximum rate well at South Timbalier 220, conduct for ships. of 175,000cu m/d (about in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The carbonate reservoirs, 6.2Mcf/d) on a 52/64in.

The company, whose permit which start at a depth of

C choke. The well will be was recently approved by the 5260m, have excellent Rosneft plugged and abandoned.

US Bureau of Environmental porosity and permeability, studies Kara Sea

Enforcement, is using the better than the discovery

Rosneft, jointly with the Partners in the license are

Rowan EXL-3 jackup. Once well (1-RJS-656). Petrobras

RosHydroMet Arctic and Total E&P Norge, opera- the relief well intercepts the is the operator (65%) in

Antarctic Research Institute, tor (40%), North Energy target, drilling mud, fol- partnership with BG E&P started a large-scale program (20%), Ithaca Petroleum

Brasil (25%) and Petrogal of Kara Sea shelf studies as Norge (13%), Statoil (10%), lowed by cement, will be

Brasil (10%).

part of Kara Sea Summer   Det Norske (10%), and pumped into the well.

2013 Marine Expedition. Rocksource Exploration

A fre aboard the Hercules


During the expedition, mete- Norway (7%).

265 jackup occurred in Norvarg orological stations will be

July, about 55mi (88km) off gas confrmed

H installed at Novaya Zemlya Total’s appraisal drilling

Louisiana. Operator Walter TGS shoots archipelago, icebergs will be confrmed the “extensive” was completing a side-

West of Shetlands monitored, and buoys will nature of the Norvarg gas TGS announced a 3D tracked well, when natural be launched to monitor ice discovery in the Barents survey in UK West of gas ignited. According to drift and settlement. Sea. Well 7225/3-2, in Shetlands. Rona Ridge 2013

Hercules, the 44 people

The data is required license PL 535 off Norway, (RR13) is a 2420sq km 3D on board the rig were to assess potential was drilled in 377m water survey that will provide evacuated.

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