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Geology & Geophysics wavelet, which is not generally valid.

Nonlinear sparse deconvolution

Different frequency slices of the same time slice to analyze channel thickness.

Predictive deconvolution is possibly Nonlinear deconvolution is signif-

Images by Jiajun Han and Henry Herrera.

the most commonly applied, statistical, cantly more computation intensive signal-processing technique for any than its linear counterparts; yet it commercially acquired, seismic refec- offers the opportunity to create a step

ICA retrieves the original source tion survey. This determines a linear change in current processing strategies signals blindly if they are statisti- combination of observations that yields for seismic data by providing imped- cally independent, without the need the optimal trade-off between recovery ance sections with limited to no well of further information. Blindly, in of the underlying signal structure and control. The resulting deconvolved this context, means that no informa- noise amplifcation. seismic sections are always sparse by tion is available about waveforms or

Any linear deconvolution flter (such construction and therefore ideal for polarizations of the desired source as Wiener fltering) has to fnd a com- creating blocky seismic impedance sec- signals. promise between recovery of the refec- tions. The latter are routinely used in

Independent component analysis tivity series and noise amplifcation. It seismic interpretation.

holds promise for post-acquisition cannot solely recover the refectivity separation of simultaneously series, given a linear combination of acquired shot records. Successful

Statistical wavelet estimation noisy past observations. Recent developments in advanced applications could have a far-reach-

Predictive deconvolution also makes signal processing may make it possible ing impact on future seismic acquisi- a minimum phase assumption for the to estimate accurate enough wavelets tion strategies by all major operators.

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