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Magnum Long Range™


Frac plugs matter. That’s why Magnum specializes in designed-for-purpose plugs for any completion environment—whether onshore or off.

For some, frac plugs are just an engineering afterthought. But at Magnum, we know how critical they can be. That’s why we precision-engineer plugs for specifc onshore and offshore environments, whether you need a slim-OD tool such as the Magnum Long Range shown above, or a plug with low metallic content for faster mill-out like the Magnum Rapid Mill series. Whatever the application, don’t trust your completion to just any thrown-in plug.

Insist on Magnum plugs by name, and work smarter every time.

Join Magnum at DUG Eagle Ford for your chance to win a designed-for-purpose sporting rifle.

We always work with operators to make sure they get the smartest possible tool for the job. And at this year’s DUG

Eagle Ford in San Antonio, stop by Booth 3099 to visit Chris Lukenbaugh of Aquila Firearms—where he’ll advise you on the best gun for your needs. One lucky visitor could even win a tailor-made sporting rife! inceptiont.indd 16 8/16/13 10:23 AM

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