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By building a large air carrier Why does this matter? Cost. The company to provide rapid response network, an established provider has larger the airplane, the more the cus- services regardless of where it occurs. better buying power and can receive tomer pays. A good aviation manage- Furthermore, a good aviation preferential pricing from cargo pro- ment company will understand this management company should be able

EPIC viders. It also will have established and work not only toward completing to provide comprehensive solutions lines of credit with many suppliers, the mission as rapidly as possible, unique to the situation. They may which allows it to expedite fights for but completing it at the lowest cost have to arrange ground transportation, customers. possible. hire security guards, and fnd stor-

In looking at a company’s experi- Don’t forget about the need for age for its clients — all in the same ence, ask the company whether it companies to provide the right kind of mission.

has experience transporting people aircraft anywhere in the world. Most Every step is important to ensure and cargo over international territory. oil and gas companies operate in many that the cargo is transported. Every

This is important because it can be countries. They need to be able to project should revolve around a strict very diffcult to deal with customs. count on their aviation management timeline with open communication

For example, Canadian customs between all parties involved: giving is very professional and easy to feedback and making adjustments as work with. Many of the required, required. pre-fight forms can be submit- ted electronically to speed up the

Availability process. Another critical factor when choosing

But not every country’s customs an aviation management company is work the same. Each country has availability. The provider should have its own set of rules and, if there no geographical or time restrictions. is any issue with compliance, it The company should be international will cause long delays. Additional in scope and its representatives must issues — temporary import be available 24 hours a day, seven days

Figure 2. Logistical challenges include airport bonds, customs warehousing, and a week. restrictions, over-fight permits, import customs brokers — present chal- Logistical emergencies don’t usually bonds, customs warehousing, and customs lenges that can cause a company occur when it is convenient to deal brokers.

to lose a lot of money, if it is not with them, so your provider should careful. offer solid examples of their around-

An oil and gas company in the-clock capabilities. For example, not crisis-mode doesn’t have time for all rapid response emergencies revolve delays. That is why it’s so impor- around broken equipment. Sometimes, tant to get a list of countries that lives could be at stake.

the company has had experience In 2007, four contractors for a global working with. oil and gas company were taken

If you know you’ll need to hostage by gunmen off the coast of import parts from a particular Nigeria. As soon as it happened, CSI country and it isn’t on the avia- put planes on standby in a neighbor- tion management company’s list ing country and was ready to take of customs it has experience the hostages home, once they were

Figure 3. Knowledge of aircraft (space and with, reconsider. Keep shopping released. After three weeks, the hos- weight limits) and cargo moving services can around until you fnd the right tages were released. Because of prior reduce transport costs.

company. Always get the details. planning, the hostages were trans- ported back to their homes safely and securely.


Your aviation management If your company does not have an provider must prove that they aviation management company with a have the ability to do the job rapid response program in place, now from start to fnish. Not every would be a good time to shop around job requires the same type of air- and fnd a provider that meets your craft. For example, an operation needs. requiring a very large piece of equipment might require a 747, Thomas J. Dunn is the Vice while an operation that requires President of Marketing and Business multiple smaller parts might Development at CSI Aviation, a

Figure 4. Each transport requires the appro- require a King Air turboprop global aviation support and logistics priate aircraft and very large equipment aircraft, (See Figure 4). company. might need a 747.

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