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September 2013


SubSea 90 P&A costs slashed by new cutting tool

Decommissioning is on the rise and process improvements are needed to control costs and improve effciency. Chet Morrison Contractors developed equipment that removes surface casing and embedded jacket legs quickly, explains Victor Schmidt.

94 Nexans updates its Halden cable facility

Nexans fne tuned its specialized facility at Halden, Norway.

Meg Chesshyre visited and reviews the improvements.

100 Subsea UK calls for national program

A national program could support and fund subsea research, and a UK- wide skills program would help fnd and train the 10,000 people needed to capitalize on the growing demand for personnel. Meg Chesshyre reports.

PIPeLINeS 102 Concrete mats offer more than protection

Sarah Parker Musarra reports on the long-standing us of concrete mattresses for pipeline protection.

108 Field system design needs crude knowledge

Heavy oil characterization identifes fow assurance risks that drive system designs, explains Colin Smith of Maxoil Solutions.

114 Pipelines off Myanmar carry Shwe gas

Nina Rach provides an overview of the Myanmar-China oil and gas pipeline project, now delivering hydrocarbons produced in the Bay of Bengal to China.

GeOGRaPHIC 116 The rises

Gryphon Alpha

The UK’s longest serving permanently-moored FPSO has been given a new lease on life.

Elaine Maslin reports on the extent of the project.

122 Bluewater’s Haewene Brim in Cromarty

AMEC is extending the life of the Haewene Brim FPSO so it can take production from Lundin

Petroleum’s Brynhild subsea development off Norway. Elaine

Maslin fles from Cromarty,


124 Danish Energy Agency releases annual report

The latest annual report predicts the country will remain a net exporter of oil through 2020 and gas production will exceed domestic consumption through 2025. Meg

Chesshyre explains.

126 Scandinavia: investing to grow

Scandinavia’s oil and gas industry is expecting a resurgence. Espen Erlingsen of Rystad Energy looks at trends in the sector, with a special focus on Norway and Denmark.

128 Dutch frms eye growing markets

New vessels, acquisitions, and expertise are driving Dutch growth. Elaine

Maslin reports. September 2013 | OE 9

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