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NEWS ests in the North Alexandria

Concession (22.75%) and in the West Mediterranean Deep

Water Concession (2.75%).


BP’s working interest in both concessions of the West


Nile Delta (WND) project will increase to 82.75%.


The WND project agree-

J ment involves the develop- ment of 5 Tcf of gas resources and 55 MMbbl of condensates.

Production from WND is ex- pected to be around 1.2 Bcf/d,

M equivalent to about 25% of



Egypt’s current gas produc- tion. All the produced gas will be fed into the country’s

O national gas grid. Production

Q is expected to start in 2017.




Iran offers $30 billion in projects

Iran has offered 52 oil and gas


D development projects in addi- tion to 18 exploration blocks at its Tehran IPC Conference.

The projects, estimated to be worth more than US$30 billion, include 29 new and currently producing oil? elds and 23 gas developments.

N ents as a long-term strategic

Rosneft completes to advance technical work of 2016, according to Noble.

geological work move, whilst taking advantage and negotiate gas sales agree- The Leviathan Field is in- of reduced exploration costs ments. The company is also tended to produce and handle Rosneft has completed its afforded by the Norwegian tax updating and ? nalizing capi- a maximum of approximately 2015 geological exploration system.

tal investment requirements, 1.6-1.8 Bcf/d of natural gas. program using 2D seismic

The Ministry of Petroleum which will allow Noble to survey methods coving


BP increases and Energy plans to award conclude external ? nancing 20,434km in the Kara Sea,

WND interests new licenses in the 23rd agreements required to reach Chukchi Sea, and Laptev licensing round before sum- ? nal investment decisions BP Egypt has completed ac- Sea, and 3D seismic covering mer 2016. (FIDs). FIDs for each project quisition of Hamburg-based 2710sq km in the Pechora Sea are estimated before the end DEA Deutsche Erdoel’s inter- and the Sea of Okhotsk.


Israel makes way for Leviathan


Edvard Grieg achieves ? rst oil

The Israeli government has

First oil has started from the Edvard Grieg are planned to be given Noble Energy the green ? eld. The ? eld is part of PL338 on the Utsira drilled with plateau light to move forward with

High in the North Sea, about 180 km west of production expected the development of Leviathan

Stavanger, and contains 187 MMboe gross 2P during 2H 2016. The and the Tamar expansion, reserves. Oil is being transported via the Grane drilling is expected to despite a last attempt from pipeline to the Sture terminal in Norway, while continue into 2018. the Israeli Forum for the Pro- gas will be transported via a separate pipeline Lundin Norway tection of the Coastline that system to Scotland. (50%) is the opera- petitioned the High Court to

Development drilling with the Rowan Viking tor of PL338 with not approve the plan.

jackup rig will resume shortly and a total of 10 partners are OMV Norge (20%), Statoil (15%)

To proceed with Leviathan production wells and four water injection wells and Wintershall Norge (15%).

and Tamar, Noble has worked January 2016 | OEJanuary 2016 | OE 1515 014_OE0116_Global Briefs.indd 15 12/23/15 3:29 PM

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