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Others agree it is time to do things differently. A joint re- port by Oil & Gas UK and Decom North Sea, Adoption of Novel

Rig stats

Solutions Report 2015, says, in well P&A, intervention in the

Worldwide wells typically uses the same tools used when the wells were

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization drilled and that P&A campaigns would reduce costs.

Drillship 109 85 24 77%

Sintef is looking at different cements, which would be

Jackup 399 286 113 71% able to work with the tubing left in the hole, and developing

Semisub 151 110 41 72% multi-tasking tools to reduce the number of trips down hole,

Tenders 31 19 12 61% as well as long-term monitoring at the sand face. The latter is 690 500 19072%

Total being tested as part of a long-term pressure test using CO in 2

Germany, which aims to test, or prove, current standards.

North America

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization

Jahre-Nilsen says other materials to cement are also being 37 35 2 94%

Drillship looked at, such as epoxy. Interwell has been working on a

Jackup 23 6 17 26% solution which would melt the materials in the well to create

Semisub 19 14 5 73% a plug using an exothermic reaction, Jahre-Nilsen points out.



This would be a quantum leap, he says. Interwell is work- 79 55 24 69%

Total ing the technology towards quali? cation with an objective to release it to the market by 2H 2016.

Asia Paci? c

Sintef is also creating a wells data base, in order to help the

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization

Norwegian put a “price tag” on the task, which, ultimately, tax

Drillship 15 6 9 40%

Jackup 118 76 42 64% payers have to pay a signi? cant proportion (78%) of, as in the

Semisub 35 15 20 42%

UK (50-75% in tax relief), making P&A costs a matter of public

Tenders 20 12 8 60% interest. Sintef also has a project looking at “Shale as a bar- 188 109 79 57%

Total rier,” which is considering if shales etc., could close the hole themselves and if so how tight would the hole be.

Latin America

Sharing experiences is also key, according to the Adoption

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization of Novel Solutions report, especially where operators have

Drillship 28 21 7 75% been able to use a sustained campaign approach to reduce 52 38 14 73%

Jackup costs. Yet, as Torsæter found in 2013, information isn’t that

Semisub 31 28 3 90% 2 1 1 50%

Tenders easy to come by. A P&A campaign which involved a number 113 88 25 77%

Total of the operators on the UKCS was transformed thanks to one operator sharing their previous P&A well data. Yet, despite the

Northwest European Continental Shelf acknowledgement of how useful this information sharing was,

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization neither the campaign nor the operator was named at either


N/A N/AN/A N/A event this was mentioned at.

Jackup 48 42 6 87%

There is no time to lose, however, as activity in this area

Semisub 43 32 11 74% is ramping on the UKCS. The number of wells P&A’d on the



UKCS has tripled over the last ? ve years and there are due 91 74 17 81%

Total to be some 900 wells P&A’d up to 2023, according to Colette

Middle East & Caspian Sea

Cohen, Senior VP Centrica Upstream UK and Netherlands,

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization speaking at the Offshore Decommissioning conference, citing

Drillship 1 0 1 0% ? gures from UK-based consultants McKinsey & Co. 109 88 21 80%


It would also seem like an opportune time, with rig rates

Semisub 4 3 1 75% low as units sit idle. Yet, the Norwegian Petroleum Director-


N/A N/AN/A N/A ate has warned against a suggestion made in the basin to plug 114 91 23 79%

Total wells to keep rigs busy, requesting that thought is given to

Sub-Saharan Africa reuse ? rst. Nothing is ever simple.

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization 23 21 2 91%



Jackup 23 17 6 73%

Semisub 11 9 2 81%

Read Oil & Gas UK’s Decommissioning Insight 9 5 4 55%

Tenders 2015 report: 66 52 14 78%

Total sioninginsight.cfm

Eastern Europe

Read Oil & Gas UK’s Adoption of Novel Solutions

Rig Type Total Rigs Contracted Available Utilization report:


Drillship uploads/2015/11/Adoption-of-Novel-Solutions- 2 1 1 50%


Report-2015.pdf 2 2 0 100%



Tenders £16 billion UKCS decommissioning spend to 4 3 1 75%

Total 2024: item/10890-16-9-billion-ukcs-decommissioning-

Source: In? eldRigs spend-to-2024 14 December 2015 January 2016 | OE 23 021_OE0116_analysis-Decommissioning.indd 23 12/24/15 12:18 AM

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