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REGIONAL OVERVIEW installation (EPCI) contract with an estimated value of around current downturn. However, a jackup drilling rig is expected

US$1.5 billion to $1.8 billion. The project covers several plat- to continue working in the shallower parts of the Red Sea forms and pipelines. until 2018. Saudi Aramco has so far discovered the Al Shaur

In addition to McDermott, Saudi Aramco has also pre- 1 (Al Shoor 1) well in 107m water depth in 2012 and the Al- quali? ed three other EPCI contractors, which will bid for Haryd oil ? eld in 2014.

three long-term agreement (LTA) tenders under the MPP.

Abu Dhabi

The list includes partners Larsen & Toubro (L&T) and EMAS,

Dynamic Industries from the US and Saipem. This pre-qual- Abu Dhabi in the UAE is aiming to increase production i? cation process will allow these four contractors to enter capacity from around 2.8 MMb/d to 3.5 MMb/d. ZADCO and into commercial bids for LTA tender packages under unit ADMA-OPCO are taking the lead in offshore ? eld develop- rate basis for a period of six years with an option to extend ment programs aimed at achieving this goal. for the next three years. ZADCO is anticipated to release a tender package for

Wood Group will also carry out a ? rm six-year contract with around six wellhead platforms and six to eight pipelines for options for green? eld and brown? eld engineering services, the North West Development Project, in around 9m water procurement and construction management support for new depth in the Dalma ? eld, in 2016. Other infrastructure like facilities under the MPP. Wood Group Mustang in the US and its the drilling platform for 12 wells will likely be awarded to

Saudi Arabia-based joint venture Mustang-HDP, which has been

NPCC under a negotiated contract by early 2016. ZADCO will providing services to Saudi Aramco since 2011, L&T under a prioritise gas production on the Dalma oil and gas ? eld, which general engineering services contract, will carry out the scope. was discovered in 1971.

Additional infrastructure on Saudi Aramco’s ? rst offshore Meantime, construction work on the ZADCO-operated UZ non-associated gas ? eld, Karan, is underway, following the EP- 750 in the Upper Zakum ? eld, off Abu Dhabi, is set to con-

CIC contract award to Saipem in October. The package covers clude in 2016. Oil production is expected to increase from an observation platform, a wellhead production deck module, 500,000 b/d to 750,000 b/d upon completion. A variation order auxiliary platforms, a 20in internally clad ? owline and com- on the contract, awarded to NPCC, will further enhance pro- posite power cable. The Karan ? eld started production in 2012. duction capacity on this ? eld by 100,000 b/d.

In December or by early 2016, the Wasit gas development Several ADMA-OPCO-operated projects were also awarded program, composed of non-associated gas ? elds, Arabiyah in the ? rst half of the year. The $855 million EPIC Lower and Hasbah, is set to commence production. It is targeted to Zakum Pipeline Replacement programme that went to NPCC produce around 2.5 Bcf/d of gas, once fully operational. The involves around 25 oil pipelines plus topside modi? cation

EPCIC contract, which covers platforms and pipelines on both work while the $200 million EPIC Zakum facilities project ? elds, was awarded to Saipem in 2011. was awarded to McDermott. Both campaigns are set for

Saudi Aramco will also further expand the Hasbah gas completion in 2017.

facilities with bids ongoing for the EPCIC tender package, As the ? rst phase for ADMA-OPCO’s Nasr and Umm Lulu involving six wellhead topsides, two tie-in platforms, ? are ? elds is now operational, the full ? eld development programs tripods, bridges, pipelines and umbilicals. Saudi Aramco has or Phase 2 of both ? elds are targeting completion in 2018 and pre-quali? ed four contractors, which includes L&T in partner- 2019, respectively. Both projects involve super complexes, ship with EMAS, McDermott, Saipem and Dynamic Indus- wellhead platforms and pipelines.

Future prospects, off Abu Dhabi, include the Wintershall-op- tries. Contract award is anticipated in Q1 2016. erated Shuwaihat ? eld from where two offshore appraisal wells

Meantime, deepwater exploration drilling activities in will be drilled, with the ? rst campaign commencing in mid-

Saudi waters of the Red Sea area are at a standstill after being 2016. Moreover, in the Hail and Ghasha oil ? elds, Abu Dhabi put on hold since March, due to high operational costs in the

Persian Gulf O

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