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An application… [caption] An application that enables all on the drilling and geological team to collaborate in real-time to geosteer to the target. Im- age from Petrolink.

Petrolinks real-time… [Caption] Petrolink’s real-time monitoring service allows an operator to see multiple drilling operations at a glance. Image from of



Petrolink’s RTOC… {caption] Petrolink’s RTOC (real-time operations center) in Saudi Arabia. Image from Petrolink.

Petrolink’s RTOC (Houston)..

Abu Dhabi to Kuwait, from Oman to [Caption] Petrolink’s RTOC (real-time operations center) in Houston. It is staffed around the clock to monitor operators’ drilling

Saudi Arabia, regional NOCs have operations. Image from Petrolink.

Middle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle East started to embrace the concept and are

Petrolink’s team in Saudi Arabia..

now actively engaged in implementing [Caption] Image from Petrolink.

numerous DOF projects.”

Real-time monitoring at the Geologix…

Major ? elds, such as Saudi Arabia’s [Caption] Real-time monitoring at the Geologix UK of? ce. Image courtesy of Geologix Systems Integration Ltd.

Ghawar oil? eld, are on the decline, forc-

Visualization… ing countries to adopt DOF technologies [Caption]

REGIONAL OVERVIEW that maximize oil recovery in onshore [[[[Some generic rig shots from Petrolink]]]

Digital gains reservoirs, as well as facilitate higher \\ productivity, lower costs, and reduced exposure to health, safety and environ- mental risks in offshore locations.

Additional info for the cutline for photo: Petrolink’s RTOC in Houston (if needed): “While many Middle Eastern coun-

Middle Eastern ground

The screens displayed are: Upper left is a rig activity display that accumulates all the various activities taking place. Top right shows a tries have offshore acreage that has been depth drilling display with downhole data. Bottom left is a torque drag analysis. Bottom right is Petrolink’s geosteering application.

in production in the Persian Gulf, more

As easy oil depletes all over the world, Middle Eastern producers offshore operations are to be expected,” says Julian Pickering, CEO of Geologix are turning to digital oil? eld technology to not only enhance

Systems Integration Ltd., based in the

United Kingdom. recovery but make ? nds economical to produce. Heather Saucier

While Saudi Arabia has been the largest offshore oil producer in the Gulf, investigates the region’s technological gains.

Iran, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the major offshore producers of

Visualization of a digital oil? eld gas. However, because

Photos from Petrolink.

developed by Petrolink. many of the Gulf’s hydrocarbons have

Innovation of Petrolink Services, Inc., a already been discov- global leader in oil? eld operations data ered or are currently management and delivery. being exploited, oil

Rather than relying on proprietary companies will be cast- solutions, some Middle Eastern oil ing their eyes on the companies are sharing data among all undeveloped reserves companies that work on their wells. As a in non-associated gas result, they are breaking down silos and ? elds in the Gulf and becoming a fast prototype for optimiz- on untapped oil and gas ing information management in a DOF reserves in the Mediter- world, Johnson says.

ranean and Red seas,

DOF boom according to MEED.

As oil? eld operations become increas- s luck would have it, many the most proli? c times of hydrocarbon ingly complex, especially in offshore

Technology needed areas, investments in DOF technology production offshore for the Middle East, countries in the Middle East To do this, countries will have to invest

A continue to grow. In terms of revenue, according to reports from the Middle have enjoyed simple oil far lon- in strong DOF communication infra- the DOF global market is expected East Economic Digest (MEED). “Deep ger than other areas of the world – mak- structure so that offshore platforms can to reach US$33 billion by 2022 – its sea production offers more challenges ing the need for high-tech digital oil? elds communicate with the onshore environ- compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and is more dif? cult to execute,” MEED (DOFs) more of a luxury than a necessity. ments, Pickering says.

increasing by 4.8%, according to RnR. reports. “But there will be no shortage of But, many ? elds that have abundantly Such technology might include ? ber

While Western Europe and North Amer- companies wanting to be involved.” produced for decades have reached their optic cables or maritime wireless net- ica continue to dominate the market, the When many Middle Eastern countries peaks. This has prompted Middle Eastern working, which is replacing convention-

Middle East is expected to outpace all have drilled wells, oil has often ? owed countries to adopt DOF technology not al satellite communications with higher ? ve world markets with a CAGR of 5.9%. from the ground as water down a river. only to enhance onshore oil recovery, bandwidth and high-speed communi- “It may be the world’s richest hy- As such, some in the industry say they but to economically produce from new cations. Wireless communications can drocarbon habitat, but as the develop- have not been pushed to develop new offshore areas. facilitate remote monitoring and control

In fact, Middle Eastern countries are ment of new ? elds and maintaining or technology for sustaining or boosting during production, and allow for trouble- diving into DOF technology – so much so expanding output levels at existing ones production. shooting at earlier stages while maintain- that the Middle East is expected to be the is becoming more complex, the region’s While the Middle East as a whole ing a consistent ? ow of product. fastest growing market in DOF technology national oil companies (NOCs) have might be late to the DOF technology What’s more, building DOFs from for at least the next six years, according begun adopting the DOF concept…,” party, some Middle Eastern countries scratch today has its advantages. to RnR Market Research, which provides wrote James McCallum, the CEO of that are currently operating high-tech “Because of their later entrance into reports from leading global publishers

LR Senergy, a Houston-based energy DOFs are leading the industry when it the advanced technology market, most and in-depth market research studies. services company, in a November 2015 comes to data management, says David Middle Eastern companies are commit- op-ed piece in the Arab News. “From Johnson, vice president of Research and The coming years could see one of ting to good technology and making

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