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LEADING OFF Digital Transformation another, but building trust is a challenge 90 percent of the plant maintenance and and how relationships are maintained in for today’s multigenerational teams. integrity activity that was planned. the future and will necessitate environ-

Sharing comes naturally to Millennials The digital transformation that is un- ments of trust in a world where telep- and GenZ; however, older generations, derway will have a direct and profound resence and remote work are no longer for whom knowledge retention is syn- impact on the way work is organized anomalies but business as usual.

onymous with power, often fnd sharing more diffcult. The frst step in the pro- cess of trust-building is to establish trust at a human level. Getting to know what affects the other team members and the group dynamics creates a level of conf- dence that can lead to exploring options

BUILT that otherwise might not have been sug- gested for fear of being judged. Only to that level of trust can facilitate intimate sharing, with the potential to yield better

PERFORM results from the long hours spent digging

CRAFTED FOR CONFIDENCE into the data. The successful permuta- tion of teams onshore and offshore which started in the North Sea shows how teams build trust by sharing the experience of working at a remote operation center and working on an offshore platform.

The current tumultuous times pose a challenge and an opportunity. Being forced to adopt different work condi- tions opens new avenues for improving productivity and the chance to elevate performance.

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to think and interact differ- ently. The workforce is embracing tools and technologies that have been avail-

AT CORTEC our products are crafted with high-quality raw able but underutilized for at least a de- materials and designed to function in the most severe service conditions. It’s how we ensure every CORTEC cade. Mastering these tools will position product that leaves the production floor doesn’t just meet companies for success in the face of a the industry standard, it exceeds it to reach the CORTEC resurgence of the virus or the emergence standard. Our US-based, state-of-the-art facilities utilize of a new global threat.

streamlined planning and advanced automation. This, combined with a 24/7 rapid-response capability, allows for

That is important because the pandem- more efficient manufacturing and ensures we deliver orders ic has permanently altered the way people on time without compromising quality.

work. At ADIPEC 2020, the Boston

Consulting Group (BCG) reported that

For more information on specific CORTEC product offerings, one North Sea operation demobilized ap- visit us at proximately 40 percent of its traditional crew from its platforms because of Cov- id-19. But by using wearable technology, digitized remote viewing, and remote work planning, it is possible to perform

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