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control, to reduce fuel consumption. For Maersk Sturgeon, energy in the battery package as you can from a generator,

Kongsberg Maritime is also delivering its EcoAdvisor sys- so we can remove one or more gensets from the equation.” tem that uses that data and machine learning to advise the Subsea 7 claims a 20% reduction in emissions compared operational crew on optimization in real-time. to similar vessels with its newbuilding Seaway Ventus. The

The Cadeler and Bleutec vessels will feature energy hybrid GustoMSC NG-14000XL-G design includes ener- storage systems, and designer Knud E. Hansen has added gy recovery, waste heat recovery, and shore power capability.

hybridization to the industry’s traditional diesel-electric With transits to deeper water comes the potential for more power system design for Van Oord’s Boreas, currently un- adverse conditions, and ABB’s Ability Marine Pilot Control der construction. system optimizes all operational modes, including maneuver-

Four 126-meter legs will allow this 175-meter vessel to ing, transit and position-keeping using models of the vessel, work at depths of up to 70 meters, and Knud E. Hansen the thrusters and the environmental forces to estimate and designed the vessel to include energy recovery from the anticipate the vessel's state and the required thrust. Com- jacking systems and a 5,000kWh battery pack. bining it with ABB Ability Marine Advisory System OC-

Mechanical engineer Frederik Jonassen says it is possible TOPUS allows vessel safety and availability to be optimized to recover more than 50% of the energy used when the while providing for broader analysis by shoreside specialists. jacking units are reversed. The batteries provide instant These two systems can deliver a signifcant increase in power, avoiding the use of gensets to provide spinning re- operational effciency and reduction in fuel consumption, serve. “It’s possible now to get an equivalent amount of says Jostein Thue, Vessel Type Responsible, Offshore Wind


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