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ABS in the region were seeking to play a role. drogen fueling barge (dubbed H2P3 ) for an emergent

In New Orleans, the H2theFuture consortium (led by feet of hydrogen-powered river vessels, which could be the Greater New Orleans Development Foundation, or built at yards in region.

GNODF) is seeking to “…establish a world-leading clean According to H2theFuture: “The investment leverages the hydrogen cluster in South Louisiana.” private-sector investment of the Marine Vessel (M/V) Hy-

The hub received a $50 million Federal grant in Sep- drogen One, currently in development by international pri- tember 2022 from the Build Back Better program. Like vate partners led by locally-based frm Maritime Partners.” the other hubs, the infrastructure includes a wide variety of The GNODF adds that: “By providing this new fueling components. The group envisions the use of offshore wind asset for e-methanol-fueled vessels, this component project to power electrolyzers that produce “green” hydrogen, which contributes to the overarching cluster strategy by enabling might be used in the further production of green fuels. the maritime sector to initiate a transition towards green

Among the industrial sectors that GNODF expects to hydrogen fuels. The H2P3 project demonstrates the com- see benefts are “coastal and river vessels” as well as “long prehensive, end-to-end value chain of the South Louisiana haul transportation.” green hydrogen cluster.”

If H2theFuture moves ahead, it will be tied to efforts The HyVelocity Hydrogen Hub (HV), a consortium at the Port of South Louisiana, a network of ports on the of energy majors and important organizations seeking to

Lower Mississippi, to provide a fueling station, with a hy- “… accelerate the development of clean hydrogen projects


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