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The role for Corpus Christi is clear: “Crude oil has anism feeding liquid ammonia (stored in fuel tanks) made us so prolifc as a traditional energy export gateway, through “cracking modules” which supply hydrogen into we think that leadership will also hold true as we transition a hybrid fuel cell system. to the export of hydrogen and its derivatives.” The 1MW-rated powerpack will then provide electric-

The maritime sectors will see a push by technology pro- ity to motors driving the vessel’s propellers. Current plans viders as hydrogen is seen as a viable fuel source for vessels have the vessel being deployed along the Hudson River. (whether tied to methanol fuel production, or through use The vessel is being converted at the Feeney Shipyard in in fuel cells). Kingston, NY, and will be classed by DNV.

Maritime Partners, the vessel owner involved with New ABS announced its role in the classifcation of a Glosten-

Orleans’ potential hydrogen hub, is behind Element 1, an designed research vessel (to be based in San Diego) that would

Oregon-based small-scale manufacturer of advanced hy- “feature a new hydrogen-hybrid propulsion system that in- drogen generation systems. tegrates hydrogen fuel cells alongside a conventional diesel-

Its e-1 Marine division has been actively marketing a tech- electric power plant, enabling zero-emission operations.” nology where hydrogen fuel cells, which generate electricity Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and similar to batteries, are fed hydrogen produced onboard in CEO, said, “This project will be closely watched by the a process where water is added to methanol stored in tanks. industry as it breaks new ground and demonstrates the ca-

Maritime Partners has also invested in ownership of Hy- pabilities of this promising alternative fuel at sea.” drogen One, a tugboat which will deploy the technology. Alex Parker, Managing Partner of Rose Cay, which ac-

The boat will be placed on a long-term charter to a leading tively invests in real assets for the energy transition, is both inland provider of barge transportation. Other efforts, not an owner and an operator of a feet of 18 coastwise Jones tied to specifc hubs, are now gaining traction. Act vessels.

Ammonia power specialists Amogy, a 2020 startup The Rose Cay feet was purchased in 2021, underwent based at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with a presence in Nor- material, technical enhancement, and now transports en- way, announced a demonstration project where an exist- ergy products for Fortune 100 companies, along what ing diesel-powered tugboat will be ftted with a mech- could be future Green Shipping Corridors of America.

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