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Te belief that nuclear power is somehow unsafe and dangerous is a myth not born out by facts of science,” ? Dr Rory Megginson,

Head of Analytics, Core Power containment vessel before solidifying. of carbon capture or the limited scalability of production

No surprise that Core Power’s Head of Analytics, Dr from intermittent renewable sources.

Rory Megginson, is a staunch advocate of the carbon-free On the other hand, MSR technology offers a large-scale energy source and a proven technology, he stresses, that is source of clean energy suitable both for heavy industry and available today. “The belief that nuclear power is somehow transport and, with one major advantage. Once installed, unsafe and dangerous is a myth not born out by facts of MSR technology would enable ships, steel mills, petro- science,” he said. chemical plants and other heavy industries to use a con-

Megginson explained that green ammonia is likely to stant source of energy supplied over a long period, perhaps offer hard-to-abate industries, including shipping, an ef- 10-20 years. fective zero-carbon fuel at some time in the future. But as And in shipping, the eye-watering cost of a global net- things stand, its production relies on the nascent science work of new bunkering facilities might not be necessary. 46 OFFSHORE ENGINEER OEDIGITAL.COM

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