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The ADS lies dormant in the BHA to deliver effcient debris removal.

of 14,070ft [4288.5m ] - 13,890ft [4233.6m] and 7,874ft [~2400m ] - 7,694ft [~2345m ], respectively.

The tools were then pulled out of hole and liner hanger operations were able to continue immediately. Follow- ing retrieval, the tools were found to be in good condition, with all stages effciently activated.

The application of the ADS elimi- nated the requirement for a dedi- cated scraper trip to prepare the

ID casings prior to setting the liner hanger, effectively saving the opera- tor 30 hours in valuable rig time and delivering a more effcient, sustain- able solution.

As operators are increasingly more closely scrutinized on ESG commit- ments, technology which effectively decarbonizes operations while deliv- ering effcient oil recovery is crucial.

With the world moving closers to- wards global net zero goals, bringing together technical advancements and multi-functional products combined in one package to deliver highly eff- cient products will be essential to the future of the oil and gas industry.


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