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Rob Howard Rob Howard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Rob started with Maritime in late 1998 as advertising sales manager for Maritime Reporter and Engineering News & Marine News Magazine and grew with the company into his current position of the past 8 years as Vice President developing and managing the sales and marketing team for the world’s leading B2B media group covering the international maritime, shipbuilding and underwater technology markets.
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Planned date: January 2016

Arctic Exploration & Production

Product: Fluids

Planned date: November 2015

Great Projects of 2015

Product: Offshore Safety & Security

Planned date: September 2015

Deepwater Well Construction

Product: Field Life Extension Products & Systems

Planned date: May 2015

Shallow Water Production

Product: Pipeline Technology

Planned date: March 2015

Updated test

Product: Drilling Deck Tools & Equipment

Offshore Energy Reporter

Offshore Energy Reporter magazine covers the world of offshore energy exploration, energy production and delivery of energy to market.