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When the owners of the fi shing pollock trawler, Great

Pacifi c decided they needed to purchase a new main engine to replace their MAN B&W Alpha 10V23L-VO they took a hard look at all the engine manufacturers currently on the market that could support their needs. “Our goal was to fi nd an engine that offers superior fuel and lube oil con- sumption; that had its EPA Tier III Certifi cation and had domestic parts and service.” When the investigation was over and the dust cleared, Alaska Boat Company was the proud owner of a 6DZC from Anglo Belgian Corporation

Diesel (ABC Diesel), the fi rst time this engine was used to power a commercial fi shing boat in the United States.

The Basics on ABC “To be honest, I had never heard of ABC” said Chris

Kline, General Manager of Alaska Boat Company, the owner the Great Pacifi c. “But once you start hearing of an all mechanical, EPA Tier III engine that out performs the competition … you start listening a little harder and you want to learn more about the option.”

Kline listened and learned and found out that Anglo

Belgian Corporation has been manufacturing diesel en- gines since 1912 and is headquartered in Gent, Belgium.

The company has a century of engine-building expertise, founded in 1912 by a group of Belgian entrepreneurs soon after building the fi rst licensed Rudolf Diesel engine. With a reputation of building robust and simple engines, with low fuel and lubricating oil consumption it’s perhaps no surprise ABC has to its credit more than 1,750 installa- tions worldwide. The DZC engine that is installed in the

Great Pacifi c can run on diesel, heavy fuel or bio fuels; as


With a Purposeith a Purpose

Belgium Diesel Engine Manufacturer Provides

Main Engine for Alaska Fishing Vessel.

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