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PROPULSION well as a dual fuel execution. Available in a 6 and 8-cylin- der inline or 12 and 16-cylinder vee confi guration, oper- ating from 600 rpm to 1,000 rpm, the engine produces up to 5,435hp. All engines are individually tested at the factory with option of the presence of the client and pos- sibility of all major classifi cations. “The beautiful thing about working on an ABC engine is that everything is mechanical, which is ideal for a fi sh- ing vessel and its crew,” stated Justin Roeser, Operations

Manager for Seattle-based Transmarine Propulsion Sys- tems, Inc. (TMPS), ABC Diesel’s North American repre- sentative. “Everything is controlled by a mechanical com- ponent, which in the very near future this will no longer exist; wrenches will be swapped with laptops.”

Engine Reliability a Must for Bering Sea Operations

The Great Pacifi c is one of six boats in a fl eet that is managed by the Alaska Boat Company. The Great Pacifi c predominately fi shes for Pollock in the Bering Sea and de- livers her catch to Dutch Harbor. Fishing seasons are split into A and B seasons. Fishing trips average from 2 to 4 days. When fi shing is good, especially in ‘A’ season when the roe is ripe, it is imperative to turn the vessel around quickly to take advantage of these conditions. And, be- cause the Great Pacifi c sails with a crew of just 5, simplic- ity of operation and a high degree of reliability from the engineroom is imperitive. The Great Pacifi c is an all welded steel hull with a raked bow with moderate fl are. The hull is single chined with dead rise from the keel outboard. The bottom plating sweeps up to a sloped transom and bulwarks. An eight foot wide stern ramp is on centerline. The main deck has straight shear with camber. There is a full width raised foc’sle forward.

An aluminum house is attached to the steel foc’sle deck with explosion bonded DuPont bi-metal connection. An

A-frame style mast is forward with a trawl gantry aft.

Foreign Built for Domestic Convenience

TMPS is also ideal for Alaska Boat Company because of its West Coast, Seattle, WA location. TMPS also has a fa- cility in Tampa, Florida and both provide sales, fi eld service and spare parts inventories to meet the urgent demands of customers. This alleviates the headaches and delays that many customers encounter with foreign engine manufac- turing. Roeser adds, “We’re supplying foreign engines with better after sales than our domestic competition. Since we have to service various makes of engines every day, we have strategic partnerships with freight forwarders, warehousing on a global level and are used to turning on a dime and solving problems now for our customers worldwide.”

In this case, the installation was completed at the begin- ning of February at the owner’s own yard and the entire alongside procedure took just two days, start to fi nish. To- day, the vessel is already back in service, having left for

Alaska on February 8th.

North American orders for the DZC engine are increas- ing with a power plant order of four 6-cylinder DZC en- gines and an additional two commercial vessels ordering a (6) six cylinder and an (8) eight cylinder DZC engine for their re-power, plus a new build with two (2) 12 cylinders on order which just completed testing at the factory. Due to a high degree of customization, the DZC engine line is fast becoming an attractive option for repowering projects. MN 41

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