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Compact Genset for

Onboard Serenity

Equipment noise is a thing of the past with a new Marine Exhaust

Systems G-19 water drop genera- tor muffl er. The G-19 water drop muffl er accommodates gensets rated from 30-85 kW; 105 kW units are available on request. The customiz- able compact, low profi le, one-piece design blends well into any engine room setup and reduces engine room clutter meting nay application.

Garmin GPS’s MAP 8000 Glass Helm-Series

FLIR Systems and Garmin Inter- national have integrated Garmin’s

GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm-Series multifunction device and FLIR’s M and MD-Series thermal night vision cameras. Boaters can now access and control FLIR’s thermal imaging using

Garmin’s new multifunction displays.

The GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm-Se- ries provides easy-to-use chart plotting solutions and includes control of FLIR

Thermal Night Vision Systems, sonar, integrated autopilot, and engine data.

Pelco 360-Degree Camera for Situational Awareness

Schneider Electric and Oncam

Grandeye have partnered on the

Evolution 360-degree camera range, providing unprecedented situational awareness. Pelco incorporates 360-de- gree technology and dewarping soft- ware to provide a camera range with total situational awareness. The fea- ture allows users to go back in time to view the scene and then pan, tilt and/ or zoom (PTZ) within the 360-de- gree image. Multiple users can view the same image simultaneously.

Industrial Nanocoating

Saves Billions on

Corrosion Costs

Advancements in nanotechnology currently offer organizations with cargo ships and industrial equipment a long-term alternate to convention- al paints. Nanovere Technologies in- troduces Nano-Clear for Industrial

Applications, designed to improve corrosion resistance, abrasion resis- tance and prevent the underlying paint from UV degradation. Nano-

Clear industrial coating restores, en- hances and preserves newly painted or highly oxidized paint surfaces.

Hyde Marine’s IMO

Type Approved Hyde


Hyde’s GUARDIAN Gold Ballast

Water Treatment System offers the smallest footprint for easy installation and combines auto-backfl ushing fi l- tration with reliable UV disinfection technology in a chemical free process.

UV treatment is unaffected by salin- ity or temperature, without produc- ing hazardous byproducts or increas- ing corrosion. Proven to exceed IMO

D2 and USCG standards, 300+ sys- tems have been sold over ten years of onboard operating experience.

Transas FleetView


MeteoGroup Data

Transas Marine has integrated Me- teoGroup weather data in its Trans- as FleetView Online SSAS-tracking software. Utilization of weather ser- vice from the MeteoGroup in the

FleetView Online (FVO) is a key advantage to Transas customers.

FleetView Online weather interface provides current and 5-day fore- casted weather data over the entire chart folio, displaying sea condi- tions such as wind, waves and swell, current and other weather elements. MN 55

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