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Seall Passage Planner

Strengthened with AIS


Jargoon has announced that a new interface to AIS Hub has been add- ed to Seall Passage Planner (SPP).

The versatile passage planning soft- ware which was launched in No- vember 2013, provides AIS by us- ing the SPP Virtual AIS Radar. This allows quick access to vessel traffi c within the coverage of the Hub’s traffi c tracking service, and display the collated data to the mariner during passage planning.

Martek’s Network-

Connected ECDIS

Martek Marine’s one-of-a-kind iECDIS integrates a GSM modem, offering automatic download and installation of charts, updates and notices to mariners, reducing ad- ministrative burdens associated with

CD updates. The GSM modem uses mobile network signals to keep iEC-

DIS up to date anywhere with mo- bile signal, downloading the most recent piracy warnings and weather forecasts which can be instantly overlaid on the chart display itself.

SCI Simulator Offers

One-on-One Training

With a new simulator in full opera- tion, SCI helps mariners complete assessments previously only avail- able in large class settings or in the real world when exact conditions could be met on the water. The simulator offers affordable one-on- one assessments to help meet indi- vidualized training goals, obtaining credentials for licenses, and radar recertifi cation. For mariners apply- ing for new jobs, it allows them to demonstrate skills to the company.

McMurdo Group

Accelerates Integration of SAR Technologies

The new global leader in end-to-end search and rescue (SAR) and mari- time domain awareness (MDA) so- lutions is McMurdo Group. Com- prised of Orolia’s former Positioning,

Tracking and Monitoring Division, it combines Boatracs, Kannad, Mc-

Murdo and Techno-Sciences into the industry’s fi rst, single-vendor provider of end-to-end life-saving and tracking solutions including distress beacons, satellite connec- tivity infrastructure, monitoring / positioning software and emergency response management.

Hobart Stick Electrode

Improves Control and Quality

Hobart Brothers Company’s Ho- bart 610 stick electrode features a concentric design, ensuring an even coating along its entire length and consistent arc performance. Opera- tors gain greater control and weld quality as a result, along with reli- able weld penetration and arc stabil- ity. The stick electrode is designed for use in pipe welding applications, construction and shipbuilding, maintenance welding and general- purpose fabrication.





InSinkErator’s food waste disposers are being installed across various types of ship- ping vessels ranging from cargo vessels to cruise ships, includ- ing an ice breaking research vessel.

The newly installed SS-300 is ex- pected to help with recent guide- lines on proper food waste disposal released by DNV. The SS-300 fa- cilitates processing and disposal of food wastes to improve ship hygiene in line with the vessel’s environmen- tal responsibility.

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