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Fleet Optimization

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FLEET OPTIMIZATION “This program is a natural ? t for AWO and our member companies.

Water transportation is inherently the nation’s safest and most environmentally-friendly way of moving commerce. More than that, AWO members take great pride in pushing the envelope as environmental leaders, constantly striving to improve upon their strong environmental record and achieve zero harm on the waters on which they operate.” – Tom Allegretti, AWO President & CEO 3,000 companies are registered with SmartWay, most in factors are used in the truck tools to help calculate NOx and other modes, but clearly, EPA hopes that the Barge com- PM. Other pieces of data not directly used for the calculation ponent will be as successful as its land based predecessor. are used to accurately identify and categorize partners, ensure

EPA in turn provides information to SmartWay partici- data quality and guide partners in using the tool. pants about their carbon emissions from transportation operations. Since transportation is part of a company’s Collaboration overall carbon footprint, a company could chose to use this Before EPA developed the barge tool, it reached out information in many ways, including for voluntary carbon to the barge community – companies and associations reporting and disclosure. The information they get from representing barge operators – to gauge their interest in

SmartWay can also be readily integrated into a company’s EPA including barge transport in SmartWay. These stake- corporate ‘green’ efforts and used to benchmark and track holders not only encouraged EPA to offer a barge tool for environmental progress. SmartWay, they shared valuable expertise and information

But, while the Smartway program is primarily about with EPA to help develop the tool. In fact, two barge com- the environment, it also has other bene

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