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Affordable SATCOM for Workboat Applications

SATCOM edges closer to providing standardized services to the workboat sector.

It’s affordable now and someday soon, you won’t be able to afford to be without it.

By Joseph Keefe artmouth, Nova Scotia-based JouBeh Technolo- hardware (9602, 9603 and the 9522B modems) and air- gies today makes it possible for far ? ung work- time for their applications. In terms of the AVOS systems,

D boats to transmit critical data back to principals these have been installed on approximately 75 CGC and and at the same time, allow regulators and operators alike other Canadian volunteer commercial ships. These were the possibility of reliable asset tracking on the water. May- formerly INMARSAT satellite telemetry systems but were be it’s not YOUR workboat, but someday soon, it could retro? tted and upgraded to Iridium Short Burst Data sys- be. As a reseller and integrator for Iridium Communica- tems to help improve reliability, especially in Northern tions, JouBeh’s business mix penetrates many sectors. On Arctic waters and generally anything above 60 North.” the water, what they are doing for the federal government “Iridium’s M2M devices are perfect for these types of of Canada in two different applications has potential for applications due to the uniform global service and reliabil-

North American commercial inland operators, as well. ity provided by the Iridium network,” said Bryan Hartin,

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Iridium,

M2M via SATCOM on the Water adding, “Iridium is the only network which provides

JouBeh has worked with Environment Canada and connectivity anywhere on the globe, even Polar regions.

AXYS Technologies on an application that uses the Irid- This provided Environment Canada with the con? dence ium 9602 device, transceiver. Speci? cally, the Voluntary needed to standardize on Iridium, knowing our solution

Observing Ships’ program (VOS) is an international ini- would provide the reliable throughputs they needed in tiative by which ocean-going ships are recruited by Na- their northern Canadian latitudes. Additionally, our M2M tional Meteorological services to record and transmit ship- devices offer low latency and small form factors, and are board weather. AXYS and Environment Canada partnered to develop AVOS – an automated weather station that transmits VOS program reports. Iridium’s role is to pro- vide a 9602 modem and controller board, and industry standard for direct RS232 communications, power con- ditioning and standard RF connectors for quick ‘plug and play’ deployment. The 9602W signi? cantly reduces time and costs for any development and is ideal for machine to machine (M2M) applications. In this case, the AVOS controller processor, integrated into the ship’s bow, mea- sures wind, water temperature, temperature and relative humidity, barometric pressure,takes reading from the GPS receiver and then sends marine weather from wherever the vessel goes.

Paul Hill, Sales Manager for JouBeh Technologies, told

MarineNews, “JouBeh supports AXYS Technologies as their preferred Iridium service provider. We supply both 39 MN

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