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Salvage & Spill Response

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MARITIME SECURITY triple 300’s, should that kind of power be mission necessary.

Moose Boats’ M3-30 Monohull

Another M3 was also built for New Orleans Fire De-

When Moose Boats ? rst built its M3 (34’-4” LOA) mono- hull demonstrator in 2011, the move may have surprised partment. Stott says, “The feedback we received from some stakeholders. After all, Moose is widely considered LAPD on the M3’s handling and offshore capabilities were one of industry’s most prominent catamaran builders. No exceptional and that its generous deck level cabin and large one should have been surprised when the Moose monohull cockpit provided far greater functionality than other law enforcement monohull vessels available.” With the ? re- provided so much value in such a compact hull. Here’s why:

According to Mark Stott, Sales Engineer for Moose ? ghting con? guration, the vessel pumps up to 1,500 gpm, adding to its multi-mission potential.

Boats, the intent was to offer all the design features, ergo-

For several other agencies, however, with typical law en- nomics and quality of Moose Boats catamarans in a small- forcement crews often being limited to one or two person- er, more tactically maneuverable and less expensive plat- form. Stott reports, “The model has been successful with nel, it was dif? cult to access the bow line or make contacts

Los Angeles Police Department Hydra Operations who with other vessels without leaving the helm. It then became have two of the boats in service, the original demonstrator apparent to Moose Boats that a void existed in the market and a version two feet longer with triple 300hp outboards for a versatile monohull law enforcement vessel that was con? gured as a multi-mission dive, offshore interdiction large enough to handle offshore conditions and also of- fered seating for multiple crew members, and could also be and SWAT deployment vessel.”

Twin Yamaha outboard 300’s propel the demonstrator at utilized day-to-day by a single operator. The M-3, tweaked speeds that can reach 47 KT. Twin Yamaha outboard 300’s with some notable modi? cations, was just the ticket.

Based on feedback from several existing Moose custom- propel the demonstrator at speeds that can reach 47 KT. ers, there was a need for a cabin allowing entry and egress

Moose shied away from water jets, in part because the instal- lation of inboard engines and drives would reduce space and for an operator and a second crew member through full functionality in the cockpit. Stott explains further, “The cost height wide side sliding doors and unobstructed transit be- differential – as much as $150,000 – is prohibitive for some tween the cockpit and foredeck while wearing service belts, municipalities.” Nevertheless, he adds, should a customer ballistic protection and PFDs. Working with the proven desire, the monohull can accommodate up to twin 350’s or high freeboard, 9’-6” beam M3 hull, Moose Boats design-

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