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Salvage & Spill Response

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ers Roger Fleck and Charlie Hicks began design work on a walk around cabin with an emphasis on ergonomics, situ- ational awareness, safety and deck functionality.

Fleck and Hicks sized the cabin to balance the internal and external requirements and developed custom, low pro- ? le sliding side doors to maximize the opening area and minimize obstruction to the walk around area. The helm seat is now biased closer to the M3’s centerline, providing greater visibility for the operator while in-turn allowing ac- cess to the aft area without exiting through the side door.

The newly designed offset helm chair also allows the opera- tor to stand safely next to the helm seat with access to the steering and throttles while making contact with other craft.

Notably and to reduce visual obstructions, the windows of the M3’s two side sliding doors and hinged aft door align with the cabin’s ? xed windows when the doors are open. Maximizing cabin space, a locking long ri? e cabinet is integrated into the starboard aft cabin pillar while on deck fender pockets and a tow reel are recessed into the aft coaming keeping the decks uncluttered.

With modular and removable seat structures, the cabin interior layout can be tailored to suit the end user’s intend- ed mission or altered in the future, if required. Easily ac- cessible engineering spaces provided for a forced air diesel heater, reverse cycle air conditioning and a 7kW Generator.

The M3-30 demonstrator – the Moose designation due to it’s just under 30’ hull length – has proven its perfor- mance to San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles ma- rine law enforcement and is currently under evaluation by agencies in the Northeast United States. Based upon the immediate interest indicated by agencies that have already seen the M3-30, Stott explains, “Only one has been built so far. It is being evaluated by both the New Jersey State

Police and the New York Police Department. Completed in July of 2015, it was arguably a gamble. But, this hull comes at an attractive price point, and gives an organiza- tion the opportunity to do more with less hulls, each of which will accomplish so much more.”

Two Examples: One Goal, Enviable Results

Moose and Metal Shark both target similar markets with a different approach to providing the same end result: an af- fordable multi-mission hull that can be customized to suit the needs of myriad users. For domestic customers, the two vessels provide two distinct size choices (75’ versus ~ 30’) that satisfy the same market needs. And, that’s not to say either or both wouldn’t ? t well into what has emerged as a robust ex- port niche for smaller U.S. yards. As Moose and Metal Shark rapidly up the ante in Maritime Security for the Municipal

Sector, the idea rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it?

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