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Completely New

Series 2070

Dragon Dredge llicott has introduced a completely new design 20 inch (500 mm) cutter suction

E dredge, the Series 2070 Dragon dredge.

The new dredger takes advantage of modern, up-to-date technology and advanced design tech- niques. This unit will replace the renowned Series 1870 Dragon as Ellicott’s standard and in-stock four to two. In addition, the dredge uses a new, simpli? ed 20 inch dredge. Like the 1870, the 2070 Dragon supplies bow gantry design. Another major improvement is the hy- ample power to the pump using a dedicated engine rated draulic system, which is now based on highly ef? cient vari- at 1300 HP (970 kW) and has a separate 440 HP (328 able displacement pumps. This approach allows for lower kW) engine dedicated to the hydraulic system. This dual-

HP input and thus less fuel usage to get the same hydraulic engine system allows for full hydraulic power to the cutter power to the devices. The 2070 is also equipped with a and winches, even when reduced RPMs on the pump are modern electric over hydraulic control system using Parker called for – something single-engine dredges cannot do. IQAN controllers for increased reliability. Options such as

All engines are from Caterpillar and meet all current air anchor booms, or spud carriage, or swivel elbow discharge quality standards. The entirely new hull was designed to can be easily added. The Series 2070 Dragon is suitable meet BV Rules for Sheltered Waters.

for a variety of projects; including harbor, river and water-

The new design criteria allows for increased portability way dredging, land reclamation projects, sand mining, and and easier construction in the ? eld. Ellicott accomplished mining and tailing pond assignments.

these goals by reducing the number of side pontoons from

The 2070 Dragon Dredger at a glance …

Power: 1740 HP (1297 kW) Pump Power: 1200 SHP Cutter Power: 250 HP (186 kW)

Engine: CAT C32 Diesel Engine Overall length: 111 feet Suction Pipe Diameter: 20 inch

Aux. Engine: CAT C15 Diesel Engine Digging Depth: 50 feet Discharge Diameter: 20 inch

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