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Vigor Delivers for Tidewater Transportation 102 by 38 feet, with a depth at full load of 11 feet, the Gran- ite Point stands out among other towboats along the river.

The vessel offers a hexagonal wheelhouse with ? oor-to- ceiling windows on all six sides. The hexagonal design con- tinues to the main deck, which consists of a galley with all the comforts of home, a media room, and a health and ? t-

In December, Tidewater Transportation and Terminals ness facility. CT Marine’s innovative towboat design on the marked delivery of the second of a series of three towboats, Granite Point goes beyond the distinctive wheelhouse and the Granite Point. The vessel, built by Portland’s Vigor, fol- mindful accommodations. Due to the unique challenges of lows towboat Crown Point, which began operations along maneuvering barges through swift-moving currents, high the Columbia Snake River (CSR) in May 2015. Like the winds, and eight navigation locks along the CSR System,

Crown Point, the Granite Point is a custom-built, environ-

CT Marine designed an enhanced steering system utilizing mentally-friendly towboat that was speci? cally designed four main steering and four ? anking rudders. Coupling the by CT Marine, Naval Architects and Marine Engineers of steering system with two Caterpillar 3516C Tier 3 engines,

Edgecomb, Maine, to serve Tidewater’s customers. The tow- the design team was able to increase the margins of safety boat was built to the same speci? cations as the Crown Point and ef? ciency. The christening of Granite Point will be in and a forthcoming sister vessel, the Ryan Point. Measuring conjunction with its sister vessel, Ryan Point, in mid-spring.

Granite Point at a Glance …

HP: 2240 BHP @ 1600 RPM Propellers: (2) ? xed pitch Engines: Caterpillar 3516C EPA Tier 3 (2)

Nozzles: CT28 Kort Nozzles Generators: (2) C7.1 Deck Machinery: (7) Patterson 65t electric

Service Speed: 8 knots Fire Suppression: Kidde NOVECWinch Lines: Samson 1-3/8” Turbo 75 Synthetic

Rohr-Idreco Built Mobile Dredge for North American Frac Sand Mining

Rohr-Idreco has designed, built, and installed an

RISD400-M (16”) electric dredge for application in the frac sand mining industry. The new dredge, delivered last year, has a digging depth of 82 feet and production ca- pacity in excess of 800 tph. The dredge is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS and sonar system that provides the operator virtually real time mapping, showing where material has been dredged and where virgin material still Rohr-Idreco dredge pump, plus ? ve on shore RIBS 400 lies through an intricate software system developed by Rohr-Idreco booster pump stations. They are designed for

Rohr-Idreco. The dredge is equipped with an RIDP 400 reduced wear and lower energy consumption.

Nation’s Largest All-Electric Paddlewheeler grew, so did his ? eet. With a 5 hp restriction in place, even his small 32’ and 35’ pontoons were often under-powered on windy days, not to mention the two-level Lone Star.

Needing more power, Pearce, who has a city contract, was

Winding its way through downtown Austin, Texas, is scenic approved for an exemption to the horsepower limit for the

Lady Bird Lake, a gas-restricted reservoir of the Colorado River. paddlewheel. Replacing the small outboards with reliable

Lone Star Riverboat Cruises guides visitors through the pictur- 40 hp Torqeedo Deep Blue motors was a wise investment esque surroundings in Lone Star, a 75’ double-decked paddle- for Pearce. Torqeedo’s ground-breaking Deep Blue is a fully wheel, powered by twin Torqeedo 40 hp Deep Blue outboards.

integrated propulsion system. It brings together the innova-

Capt. Mike Pearce began Lone Star Riverboat Cruises tive high-voltage 33 Kwh motor and single 13 Kwh battery, with a diesel-powered paddleboat and an exemption to op- charger and connection box, and electronic remote throttle erate a fueled vessel on the lake. When the boat became and on-board computer with touchscreen. It has a 23 to too old to use, Pearce went all-electric. As his business 37 mile range at 4 kts, and 10 to 13.5 miles at full throttle.

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