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COATINGS & CORROSION “The MLC 2006 Code and ABS Habitability

Guidelines are designed to provide a more comfortable atmosphere in which to live and work. Heat-Flex 3500 provides a number of bene? ts that directly relate to an improved ambient environment for the crew: vibration, noise and climate immediately come to mind. It is important to note that

Heat-Flex 3500 was designed with a particular purpose and application in mind, but Sherwin-Williams is fortunate to have a product with design features that provide so many added bene? ts. In the marine market, we are only just beginning to explore the adjacent applications and services where Heat-Flex 3500 would thrive.” – Tim McDonough,

Sherwin-Williams marine market segment director

Originally intended for oil & gas, cess at the various classi? cation societ- the coating translates very well to the ies for both the insulative and sound- marine commercial environment. control properties of Heat-Flex 3500.”

To date, Sherwin-Williams hasn’t ap- Crew comfort is becoming an ex- proached any classi? cation societies for tremely important aspect of vessel ‘type’ approval, but the ? rm does have operations, especially when it comes documented testing that it provides to the new MLC 2006 code and the personnel burn protection to meet ABS Hab guidelines. This extends to

OSHA requirements, using industry both heat insulation and/or sound in- accepted thermal modeling software. sulation. McDonough explains, “The

Tim McDonough, marine market MLC 2006 Code and ABS Habit- segment director at Sherwin Williams ability Guidelines are designed to pro- told MarineNews, “At this time, we are vide a more comfortable atmosphere looking at the design assessment pro- in which to live and work. Heat-Flex

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