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COATINGS & CORROSION 3500 provides a number of bene? ts we are only just beginning to explore protect valuable infrastructure and that directly relate to an improved am- the adjacent applications and services equipment with an innovative smart bient environment for the crew: vibra- where Heat-Flex 3500 would thrive.” bead that both detects and mitigates tion, noise and climate immediately corrosion as soon as it starts. Unlike come to mind. It is important to note Battelle’s Smart Corrosion other technologies, the Battelle Smart that Heat-Flex 3500 was designed Detector Bead Corrosion Detector bead includes with a particular purpose and applica- Detecting and mitigating corrosion both corrosion detection and self- tion in mind, but Sherwin-Williams in just one step: if only it were that healing chemicals in a single bead for is fortunate to have a product with easy. Actually, with Battelle’s Smart maximum protection. The beads are design features that provide so many Corrosion Detector bead technology, mixed into paints and coatings. When added bene? ts. In the marine market, marine and offshore operators can corrosion is detected, they crack open to release a chemical that heals mi- croscopic cracks. They also ? uoresce in the presence of corrosion for easy visual inspection.

The self-healing smart beads detect and reveal corrosion forming on metal before it is visible to the naked eye.

When corrosion is present, the beads’ surfaces undergo a chemical reaction that causes them to ? uoresce (which can be detected with an ultraviolet [UV] light or Terahertz imaging), then break apart and release a heal- ing agent. The healing agent is cured by the corrosion by-products. The ? uorescence is a prompt indicator to maintainers that corrosion has initi- ated and provides them with the op- portunity to mitigate the underlying problem early on, while the healing agent immediately repairs the corro- sion damage and slows the corrosion process. The timely discovery and re- mediation of corrosion can result in signi? cant time and cost savings as well as improved structural reliability.

We asked Battelle Senior Battelle

Research Scientist Ram Lalgudi to ex- plain the technology, how it works and why. “The product contains a healing agent. The ion comes from corrosion.

It is a triggering mechanism for releas- ing the healing agent against the cor- rosion, said Lalgudi, continuing, “En- capsulation doesn’t increase thickness.

We are not adding mass to paint; the density of the paint is the same – we are not adding mass so it won’t in-

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