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MarineLine Cargo Tank

Coating System

Advanced Polymer Coatings’ (APC) patented MarineLine polymer cargo tank coating system has recently been selected for eight 8,000 DWT chem- ical ships. These tankers were previ- ously coated with a leading phenolic

FCI: Fresh Water

Sea Hawk’s Biocop TF Dual- epoxy cargo tank coating, however,

Biocide Antifouling Coating

Available 24/7 the client decided to remove the ex-

Sea Hawk Paints’ dual-biocide coat- FCI Watermakers’ fully-automatic, isting phenolic epoxy coating and re- ing, Biocop TF has been approved customizable Neptune series reverse coat the cargo tanks with Advanced by the State of California and has osmosis desalinization units are built

Polymer Coatings’ MarineLine cargo

LR approvals. Registration in Cali- in the USA. Neptune models pro- tank coating system.

fornia positions Biocop TF for sale duce from 1,200–9,500 gallons of throughout the Golden State, pro- fresh, pure water every day. With viding a premium quality coating belt-driven commercial grade pump for maximum multi-season pro- and motor assemblies, they’re de- tection against both hard and soft signed to run non-stop, a key feature marine growth on vessel bottoms. where onboard work schedules often

Handcrafted in America, Biocop dictate water demands. Available in

TF is equally effective in fresh, framed or modular con? gurations, brackish and saltwater. its compact size has a small footprint.

Emco Wheaton Marine

Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton recently played a pivotal role in the transfer of the ? rst shipment of U.S. crude oil for export in 40 years, from Cor- pus Christi, TX. Emco Wheaton designs and manufactures a wide

AkzoNobel, Marlins Deliver

Thordon’s RiverTough Bear- range of highly engineered MLAs to

Marine Coatings Course ings Stand up to AK Waters load and unload almost any liquid

AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings busi-

After nine years of operation in the and compressed gas product from ness and Marlins have launched a harsh, abrasive waters of Alaska’s river barges, ships and ocean going global training solution to support

Yukon River, aboard Inland Barge super tankers. the effective onboard application

Service’s pushboat Ramona, Thor- and maintenance of the Interna- don Bearings’ RiverTough water- tional range of marine coatings. lubricated tail-shaft bearing system “Painting and Surfaces” combines has emerged completely free of wear the expertise of AkzoNobel’s ma- and tear. The exceptional perfor- rine coatings business with Marlins’ mance of RiverTough bearings in training development and delivery, waters renowned for high content of creating an e-learning program that gritty glacial silt came to light when supports the long-term mainte- the 16m workboat’s cracked struts nance and performance of coatings. underwent repair in dry-dock. 57 MN

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