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Cummins Expands Marine

Hamilton Jet’s JETanchor

Tier 3 Product Line

Positioning System

Cummins marine US EPA Tier

HamiltonJet’s vessel positioning 3-certi? ed generator, the 55-kW system, JETanchor, is aimed pre-

Onan MDDCM was engineered for dominantly at Pilot boats, Fire- lower emissions and best sound and boats, SAR, Patrol, Survey, DSV vibration mitigation, while delivering and small Offshore Crewboats, the reliability and durability. All Onan system provides a cost effective “dy- marine generators, including the namic-positioning-type” system for

MDDCM, feature advanced sound

SkimOil’s Next Genera- smaller vessels. One stand out fea- shields for lower sound and optimized ture is a new anchoring system us- tion Bilge Filter mounting systems for reduced vibra-

Oilsmart ? lters are the same as ing GPS location. A virtual anchor tion. All are available with Cummins used on the SkimOil IMO certi? ed mode, it allows the vessel to weath-

Onan digital displays for user-friendly

BRUTE marine oily water separators, ervane off a ? xed GPS point under diagnostics, including extensive en- and can hold three times as much oil prevailing wind/sea conditions. gine and alternator information, self- as previous generation organoclay ? l- diagnostic features and text display. ters. At 1/10th the size and cost of an oily water separator (OWS), the low cost bilge ? lter is a compact and ef- ? cient alternative for those who don’t have room or need for a standard

OWS for oily bilge water. www.thebilge?

Larson Electronics’ 150 KVA

Corvus Energy Launches

Power Distribution System

New Website

Larson Electronics’ heavy duty

Corvus Energy has launched a new 3-phase power distribution system, website featuring improved naviga- the MGS-3X480.100A-150K- tion, product and service informa- 3X208.60A-12X120, gives op- tion, detailed case studies and media erators the ability to plug in three archives. New features include De- New DNV GL Notations for 100 amp 480 volt devices into the tailed Product Information, Tech- Water-Lubricated Tail Shafts primary panel. It is equipped with nical Speci? cations on the Corvus Two new tail shaft monitoring class forklift skid pockets and a lifting

Energy Storage System (ESS), Cus- notations from DNV GL offer ship- eyelet that allows for easy lifting. tomer Service Offerings, Case Stud- owners the possibility of unlimited

Grounded to the frame and with a ies and Featured Articles which al- intervals between tail shaft with- grounding lug for earth grounding, lows customers to explore in depth drawal surveys for water-lubricated this power distribution system is articles written about Corvus Ener- systems. With these two voluntary ideal for shipyards. gy by leading industry publications. class notations, TMON (closed loop water) and TMON (open loop water), DNV GL becomes the ? rst classi? cation society to use a condi- tion-monitoring based survey pro- cess that eliminates the requirement for tail shaft withdrawal surveys at pre-determined intervals.

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