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tal sewage treatment, pretreatment, and (in some cases) water reuse opportunities. These marine sewage devices, and other industrial water management technologies com- plete lifecycle solutions to help keep your vessel or prop- erty in compliance with long term performance. Scienco/

FAST’s MarineFAST is a ? xed-? lm integrated wastewater

S /FAST, CIENCO A SUBSIDIARY OF treatment technology unique in its patented process and

B -M , I .IO ICROBICS NC the result of many years (40+) of research, and continuous 12977 Maurer Industrial Drive

Sunset Hills, MO 63127 service. This technology accepts and treats any combina-

Tel: (314) 756-9300 tion of sewage, including: conventional and vacuum toilets,

Email: laundry, garbage disposals and showers. The smallest FAST


CEO/President: Robert J Rebori systems are ? tted on harbor tugs and single homes.


Scienco/FAST represents a genuine improvement in Ma- THE CASE: rine Sanitation Devices and Sewage Treatment Systems. Recent certi? cations, evaluations, and other supporting

Installed on some of the ‘greenest’ ships in the world, these documents have awarded Scienco/FAST for environmental

MSDs treat wastewater from the facilities, help lessen the technology advancements. The oldest Scienco/FAST unit, environmental impact of contaminants, and keeps the ves- still in operation, a MarineFAST installation aboard M/V sel in compliance through changing regulations, including American Beauty, currently operated by American River graywater discharges from commercial vessels. Since the ? rst Transportation (ARTCO). The unit is a Model 15D S/N installation in 1969 on board the M/V Missouri Tugboat, 1242 and purchased in 1975. This team of marine engi- these MarineFAST Sewage Treatment Systems are installed neers and ? eld experts brings creative and diverse perspec- on some of the ‘greenest’ boats in the world to provide to- tives for marine sanitation solutions.


For over 135 years, the ? rm has successfully delivered ma- rine coatings technologies to address the global marine in- dustry’s constantly evolving needs. The brand’s long stand- ing purpose lies in bringing peace of mind to ship owners by protecting their assets and minimizing their total operating cost through sustainable solutions. With its U.S. headquar- ters in Houston and the global headquarters in Singapore,

International Paint has more than 1800 employees and over 250 distributors across 60 countries. With 7 laboratories

I P LLCNTERNATIONAL AINT and a portfolio of over 900 patents, our coatings are manu- 6001 Antoine Drive factured in 17 factories which are strategically located across

Houston, TX 77091

Tel: (516) 635-6826 the six continents. International Paint’s innovations include


Intersleek, the ? rst biocide free foul release coating; Inter-


CEO/President: Ton Büchner cept, the ? rst linear polishing antifouling; Interline 9001 a bimodal epoxy cargo tank coating for chemical and product carriers with enhanced cargo resistance and zero absorption THE CASE: for many cargos; Intertrac Vision, shipping industry’s ? rst Owned by AkzoNobel, International Paint is among the big data consultancy tool and the shipping industry’s ? rst world’s largest coatings suppliers. International Paint holds carbon credit program. 2017 Marks the 21st year since the a leading share in the marine coatings market, servicing launch of the Intersleek biocide free foul release technology. both global and local customers from shipyards, contrac-

Since 1996, it now has more than 5,500 applications and tors, vessel owners and vessel operators in both blue water has helped save over $3 billion in fuel costs. and brown water markets.

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