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NETSCo Northern Lights 11700 Station Road, PO Box 659 4420 14th Avenue NW

Cleveland, OH 44028 Seattle, WA 98107

Tel: (206) 789-3880

Tel: (440) 236-9191


E-mail: of?



CEO/President: Sam Hill

CEO/President: Rich Mueller


Northeast Technical Services Co., Inc. (NETSCo) was Northern Lights is a leading manufacturer of indus- formed in 1984 to provide marine engineering, design try-best marine systems, including Northern Lights and consulting services. Today, NETSCo is one of the marine generator sets and Technicold air conditioning. most respected maritime engineering ? rms in the United Reliable, durable and simple to use, Northern Lights

States. Our specialists offer an array of innovative designs and Technicold products are designed for the unforgiv- including advanced technology and construction of com- ing nature of the marine environment. An ISO 9001 plete ship, tug, and barge designs of all types. From con- Certi? ed company, Northern Lights has a worldwide cept through actual construction and warranty support, dealer network of over 300 strong. Notably, the ? rm

NETSCo strives to be a leader in offering end-to-end recently introduced a US EPA Tier III 30 kW and 38 solutions to complex maritime problems by delivering kW marine generator. value without compromising on performance, safety or the environment. THE CASE: Northern Lights has been innovating industry best prod-

THE CASE: ucts for over 50 years, working hard to build a reputation

Dedicated to clean oceans, many NETSCo projects of simple, durable, reliable products. Northern Lights en- have reduced emissions on existing vessels. The ? rm has gineers consistently design products that the ? rm can con- also assisted in more than 50 BWMS feasibility stud- ? dently sale because they have engineered out extra parts. ies and retro? ts. NETSCo is making a difference to in- The ? rm’s philosophy is if it isn’t there it can’t fail. North- spire today’s youth in maritime engineering through the ern Lights wants every marine experience to be worry free,

SNAME “Student Design Competition,” through which depending on products that deliver on that guarantee.

as many as 180 students participate each yearly.

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